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  • No Fixed Address [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Susin Nielsen

    No Fixed Address [BOOK] [Paperback]

    From beloved Governor General Literary Award--winning author Susin Nielsen comes a touching and funny middle-grade story about family, friendship and growing up when you're one step away from...
    Price: £0.00

  • The Unforgettable Party [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Noemi Vola

    The Unforgettable Party [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Caterpillar is SO bored. But everyone knows the best cure for boredom: an unforgettable party! He has everything he needs: apple juice, confetti, decorations, party hats and star stickers to stick on...
    MSRP: £14.99
    Price: £11.49

  • Alis the aviator [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Danielle Metcalfe-Chenail

    Alis the aviator [BOOK] [Hardback]

    An A to Z of planes past and present, this book has stunning cut-paper art and a cute-as-a-button guide named Alis. Named for Dr. Alis Kennedy, likely one of the first Indigenous women to obtain a...
    MSRP: £14.99
    Price: £11.49

  • Stealing home [BOOK]
    Ellen Schwartz

    Stealing home [BOOK]

    It is 1947 and Yankee fever grips the Bronx. Nine-year-old Joey Sexton joins the neighborhood kids who flock to the park to team up and play. However, Joey is of mixed race and his skin is lighter...
    Price: £11.39

  • The painting [BOOK]
    Charis Cotter

    The painting [BOOK]

    Annie loves drawing and painting and when she a painting of a lonely lighthouse in their home, she is immediately drawn to it - and her mother wishes it would stay banished in the attic. When...
    Price: £11.39

  • Sergeant Billy (Hardback original) [BOOK]
    Mireille Messier

    Sergeant Billy (Hardback original) [BOOK]

    A delightful tale inspired by the true story of a brave goat war hero. Perfect for fans of Finding Winnie and Rescue and Jessica. During World War I, a goat named Billy was adopted by a platoon of...
    MSRP: £15.99
    Price: £15.69

  • Bobby Orr And The Hand-me-down Skates [BOOK]
    Kara Kootstra

    Bobby Orr And The Hand-me-down Skates [BOOK]

    Bobby wants one thing: new skates. He's seen the exact shiny new pair he wants in the shop window. But when Bobby opens his gift, he's dismayed to find hand-me-down skates. Once Bobby breaks them in,...
    MSRP: £15.99
    Price: £15.69

  • Bug in a vacuum [BOOK]
    Mélanie Watt

    Bug in a vacuum [BOOK]

    A bug flies through an open door into a house, through a bathroom, across a kitchen and bedroom and into a living room.where its entire life changes with the switch of a button: it is sucked into the...
    MSRP: £18.99
    Price: £17.89

  • Today is the day [BOOK]
    Eric Walters

    Today is the day [BOOK]

    Mutanu is excited. As she goes about her chores, she thinks about the day to come and what surprises it might bring. Every year, the orphanage honours its newest arrivals by creating a birthday day...
    Price: £14.99

  • The fog (Hardback original) [BOOK]
    Kyo Maclear

    The fog (Hardback original) [BOOK]

    Warble is a small yellow warbler who lives on the beautiful island of Icyland, where he pursues his hobby of human watching. But one day, a deep fog rolls in and obscures his view. The rest of the...
    Price: £14.99

  • From the heart of Africa [BOOK]
    Eric Walters

    From the heart of Africa [BOOK]

    Aphorisms are universal. They give guidance, context and instruction for life's issues, and they help us understand each other and the world around us. We use them every day, yet never think...
    Price: £14.99

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