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Palisades Tartan

  • Primer (2004) (Normal) [DVD]

    Primer (2004) (Normal) [DVD]

    Independent sci-fi drama. Abe (David Sullivan) and Aaron (Shane Carruth) are two young engineers who work in an anonymous city for a large corporation and who, in their spare time, conduct their own...
    Price: £11.99

  • A Bittersweet Life (2005) (Normal) [DVD]

    A Bittersweet Life (2005) (Normal) [DVD]

    Violent Korean crime thriller. Hotel manager Sunwoo (Lee Byung-hun) also happens to be the right-hand man of underworld crime boss Kang (Kim Yeong-cheol). When Kang begins to suspect his young...
    Price: £11.99

  • I'm a Cyborg (2006) (Normal) [DVD]

    I'm a Cyborg (2006) (Normal) [DVD]

    Offbeat Korean comedy from director Chan-wook Park. Young-goon (Su-jeong Lim ) is admitted to a mental institution and, believing she's a cyborg, charges herself with a transistor radio. Il-sun Park...
    Price: £11.59

  • Prison (1949) (Normal) [DVD]

    Prison (1949) (Normal) [DVD]

    Classic Swedish drama from acclaimed director Ingmar Bergman, one of his earliest experimental works. A mathematics teacher approaches one of his former pupils who has become a film director, and...
    Price: £15.99

  • The Eye (2002) (Normal) [DVD]

    The Eye (2002) (Normal) [DVD]

    Having been blind since the age of two, twenty-year-old Mun decides to undergo a risky corneal transplant operation. When the bandages come off, the operation seems to have been successful, but Mun...
    Price: £11.59

  • The Machinist (2004) (Normal) [DVD]

    The Machinist (2004) (Normal) [DVD]

    Brooding psychological thriller, starring Christian Bale. Trevor Reznik (Bale) is a factory machine-operator who is suffering from crippling insomnia. His weight has plummeted, he suffers from...
    Price: £11.99

  • Paranoid Park (2007) (Normal) [DVD]

    Paranoid Park (2007) (Normal) [DVD]

    Award-winning drama based on Blake Nelson's novel. The film follows 16-year-old skateboarder Alex (Gabe Nevins), who accidentally kills a security guard outside Paranoid Park, Portland's most...
    Price: £15.59

  • Mean Creek (2004) (Normal) [DVD]

    Mean Creek (2004) (Normal) [DVD]

    Three young high school friends come up with a plan to free themselves from the attentions of George (Josh Peck), the school bully, in this dark coming-of-age American drama. Taking George with them...
    Price: £11.99

  • 36 (2004) (Normal) [DVD]

    36 (2004) (Normal) [DVD]

    French police drama. In Paris, within the space of a year, a gang of vicious armed robbers has committed seven violent robberies. Detectives Klein (Gerard Depardieu) and Vrinks (Daniel Auteuil), once...
    Price: £11.59

  • Blood Rain (Normal) [DVD]

    Blood Rain (Normal) [DVD]

    Korean historical mystery drama. When a shipment of paper on an isolated island goes up in flames, detective Won-kyu (Seung-won Cha) suspects arson. Once he arrives on the island, he is beset by...
    Price: £13.29

  • This Is Not a Film (2010) (Normal) [DVD]

    This Is Not a Film (2010) (Normal) [DVD]

    Documentary following Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi, who also co-directs, as he appeals against his six-year jail sentence and 20-year ban on making films. Accused of creating propaganda opposing...
    Price: £12.99

  • Thirst (2009) (Normal) [DVD]

    Thirst (2009) (Normal) [DVD]

    Chan-wook Park directs this blood-soaked Korean vampire drama starring Kang-ho Song as Sang-Hyeon, a devoted small-town priest who selflessly volunteers to take part in a medical experiment intended...
    Price: £11.99

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