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OHM Resistance

  • Vacuum Decay (2021) (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    Vacuum Decay (2021) (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    Scotland's Gav Hislop has long been on electronic music's radar, with performances and releases as Babyshaker. A superior professional sound designer, he has shifted gears to a expert display of...
    Price: £16.19

  • The Robots at Dawn (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    The Robots at Dawn (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    Unsettling ambience and hammering percussion break up the rhythms that define Artik as an artist. 'The Robots At Dawn' is a choice selection of five tracks inspired by the Asimov book of the same...
    Price: £16.19

  • The Heat (7" Single Coloured Vinyl) [Vinyl]

    The Heat (7" Single Coloured Vinyl) [Vinyl]

    The first single from the Mathlovsky album 'Yassssin', 'The Heat' is exactly what is said on the label: PURE FIRE! Featuring the talents of album collaborator and live drummer Gregory Simons, and...
    Price: £12.59

  • Hopium (12" Album) [Vinyl]
    Luke Lund

    Hopium (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Finland's Luke Lund is one of the most inspiring modern dub aesthetes. Using odd number time signatures, warped bottom end, and proper experimental murk, 'Hopium' creates fiendishly innovative...
    Price: £16.19

  • The Eradication of Untruth (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    The Eradication of Untruth (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    OHM Resistance founder, Submerged, returns to pure drum & bass, bringing the most cutting edge producers in the game to the forefront on his 2019 EP. 'The Eradication of Untruth' charges at the dance...
    Price: £16.19

  • A Sun Called Moon (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    A Sun Called Moon (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    The Berlin-based Italian producers behind the project, now constructed of sonic warlock Daniele Antezza and performance artist Marco Donnarumma, supply an unmistakably unique vision of...
    Price: £14.99

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