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  • Magnolia [Cassette Tape (Coloured)]

    Magnolia [Cassette Tape (Coloured)]

    Kevin Krauter's debut EP, 'Magnolia', comes from a place of ease, instinct, and sincerity; ease in its conception and execution, instinct present yet well-informed, and sincerity felt but never forced. Taking inspiration from early folk artists from the...
    Price: £10.19

  • Performance [Cassette Tape]
    Stone Irr

    Performance [Cassette Tape]

    Stone Irr's second album 'Performance', is equal parts heart-on-the-sleeve midwestern indie and warm, west coast pop, reflecting the artist's Indiana upbringing and recent move to Los Angeles.
    Price: £10.19

  • Moonth [Cassette Tape]
    Merce Lemon

    Moonth [Cassette Tape]

    Merce Lemon is a songwriter born, raised, and currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. She grew up immersed in the city's DIY scene, writing songs and playing in bands. On 'Moonth' Merce and her band craft an intimate and starkly confessional sonic world of...
    Price: £10.10

  • Fluff [Cassette Tape]
    Steve Marino

    Fluff [Cassette Tape]

    Over the last decade Steve Marino has recorded multiple solo albums (as Moor Hound), been in countless bands, and toured the country consistently, but this album represents the first collection of songs he's released in his own name. The album is...
    Price: £11.21

  • Full Hand [Cassette Tape]
    Kevin Krauter

    Full Hand [Cassette Tape]

    Kevin Krauter's 'Full Hand' determines to be a vulnerable and honest statement from an artist exploring the boundaries of their craft. Following his 2018 debut, Krauter's second full-length album picks up where, 'Toss Up' left off but at a noticeably...
    Price: £8.39

  • Close It Quietly [Cassette Tape]
    Frankie Cosmos

    Close It Quietly [Cassette Tape]

    'Close It Quietly' takes the trademark Frankie Cosmos micro-universe and upends it, spilling outwards into a swirl of referentiality that's a marked departure from earlier releases, imagining and reimagining motifs and sounds throughout the album. FC's...
    Price: £9.85

  • Oh My God [Cassette Tape]
    Kevin Morby

    Oh My God [Cassette Tape]

    Fifth solo record by the singer/songwriter and his first since 2017's 'City Music'. 'This one feels full circle, my most realized record yet', Morby said.
    Price: £9.99

  • Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest (2019) [Cassette Tape]
    Bill Callahan

    Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest (2019) [Cassette Tape]

    Eighth solo studio album by the American singer-songwriter. Bill's gentle, spacey take on folk and roots music is like no other; scraps of imagery, melody and instrumentation tumble suddenly together in moments of true human encounter.
    Price: £11.76

  • Exurbian Quonset [Cassette Tape]
    Mike Donovan

    Exurbian Quonset [Cassette Tape]

    Holed up in the far-flung Quonset of his mind, Sic Alps' Mike Donovan is free to beam his haunted falsetto on waves of ripping feedback into the yawning spaces of the lo-fi (but ever-expandin') rock and roll project universe. A craftsman, he casts his...
    Price: £11.99

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