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  • Nove Cantici Per Francesco D'assisi (Album) [CD]

    Nove Cantici Per Francesco D'assisi (Album) [CD]

    'Nove Cantici' is a beautiful suite of music inspired by the life and thoughts of the beloved spiritual figure Saint Francis of Assisi - ten lovely, spiritual compositions for meditation and contemplation performed by three of the most renowned...
    Price: £16.19

  • Angeltalk (Album) [CD]
    Katherina Bornefeld

    Angeltalk (Album) [CD]

    Katherina Bornefeld is best known as the drummer of Holland's long-running and legendary anarcho-punk experimental noise 'n' rhythm rockers The EX. Unbeknownst to most, Kat is a practicing sound healer of note and this album is a sonic meditation of...
    Price: £12.59

  • Levitate State (12" EP) [Vinyl]
    Aluben Noiro

    Levitate State (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    The debut album from Aluben Noiro is an other-worldly meditative journey of inner exploration designed to enhance deep relaxation states. The album's intent is to create a calm and quiet respite from this frantic world and is perfect for floatation.
    Price: £14.99

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