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  • Ordinary Man (2020) (Deluxe) [Cassette Tape]
    Ozzy Osbourne

    Ordinary Man (2020) (Deluxe) [Cassette Tape]

    Twelfth solo studio album by the legendary British heavy metal singer. His first album since 2010's 'Scream', it includes the singles 'Under the Graveyard', 'Straight to Hell' and the title track, which features Elton John. American rapper and singer...
    Price: £8.99

  • Darkness Silence Mirror Flame (2020) [Cassette Tape]

    Darkness Silence Mirror Flame (2020) [Cassette Tape]

    Formed by current and past members of Satan's Wrath, High Spirits, and Dawnbringer, San Francisco's Nite debut with 'Darkness Silence Mirror Flame', forty-six minutes of timeless and ass-kicking blackened classic heavy metal thunder that masterfully...
    Price: £10.19

  • The Proclamation [Cassette Tape]

    The Proclamation [Cassette Tape]

    German black/death metal legion Voreus debut with 'The Proclamation' mini album, a twentythree-minute light-devouring hellscape of complete chaos and inhumanity that establishes the band as an implacable rising force in the elite of German extreme metal...
    Price: £10.19

  • Behold the Silent Dwellers [Cassette Tape]
    Aversio Humanitatis

    Behold the Silent Dwellers [Cassette Tape]

    After redefining themselves with their 2017 EP 'Longing for the Untold', Madrid's Aversio Humanitatis return with a long-awaited full-length album. 'Behold the Silent Dwellers' is an abyss of swirling ebon dissonance using flourishes of despondent...
    Price: £10.19

  • To Crown All Befoulment [Cassette Tape]

    To Crown All Befoulment [Cassette Tape]

    Highly anticipated full-length debut from Oakland death metal band, Dearth. 'To Crown All Befoulment' is a sonic reign of terror clawing deep into the most wretched, abominable, and hideous realms of human nature. Nihilistic beyond comprehension and...
    Price: £10.19

  • Chasm [Cassette Tape]

    Chasm [Cassette Tape]

    Mind-altering second album by the Galician black/death metal band, who coerce crushing black and death metal into repetitive, trance-inducing song structures designed to consume and annihilate the psyche.
    Price: £10.19

  • Acéphale & Arkhé Tenebre [Cassette Tape]

    Acéphale & Arkhé Tenebre [Cassette Tape]

    Spanish industrial black metal-noise mystifiers S.E.K.H. create an asphyxiating sonic delirium in which hallucinatory soundscapes, dissonant guitars, and oppressive electronics submerge the listener into a dismal and dissociative transfiguration of...
    Price: £12.00

  • Scum Sect [Cassette Tape]

    Scum Sect [Cassette Tape]

    Second studio album by the black metal band. Atrament fuse together crust/anarcho-punk, black and death metal with classic Swedish D-beat.
    Price: £10.19

  • Sutekh Hexen [Cassette Tape]
    Sutekh Hexen

    Sutekh Hexen [Cassette Tape]

    Both hypnotic and cruel, these ten highly-charged tracks transgress any previously imposed boundaries while upholding the band's raw ethos at its root, and at times defying the listener's expectations altogether.
    Price: £10.19

  • Sermons [Cassette Tape]

    Sermons [Cassette Tape]

    Italian one-man dark ambient/death industrial demon, Clavicvla, seamlessly blends the obsidian immensity of Lustmord and the wretched mantras of Trepaneringsritualen to unleash forty minutes of dismal and infernal atmospherics, drowning the listener into...
    Price: £10.19

  • The Lunatic Creature [Cassette Tape]

    The Lunatic Creature [Cassette Tape]

    Tunisian black metal enigma Ayyur re-surface after a lengthy slumber with 'The Lunatic Creature', a mini-album of soul-tearing atmospheric black metal shrouded in malevolent mysticism and superbly impenetrable atmospheres.
    Price: £10.19

  • Horseback Battle Hammer [Cassette Tape]

    Horseback Battle Hammer [Cassette Tape]

    'The omega doom. The doom to end all doom. None heavier'. Even today, as a whole league of acts have picked up on their tonal cues and attempted to manifest a similar affect, one can count on a hand the number who've managed to do so while manifesting...
    Price: £9.60

  • Blood Eagle [Cassette Tape]

    Blood Eagle [Cassette Tape]

    Caveman battle doom metal from UK. The English Conan follow the ideals of their namesake and continue their path without compromises. The second album, 'Blood Eagle' is a doom/drone/stoner metal monument filled with monolithic riffs, hypnotic melodies,...
    Price: £9.60

  • Canyons [Cassette Tape]

    Canyons [Cassette Tape]

    'Canyons' reconfirms the Northern Irish sludge metal heavyweights as true leaders in the heavy music scene. Slomatics keep the riffs rolling while they paint vividly grand sci-fi landscapes into one's mind.
    Price: £10.19

  • Monnos [Cassette Tape]

    Monnos [Cassette Tape]

    At their core, Conan are a doom band with repetitive song structures, and windswept clean vocals; the devil, however, is in the details, and the extra layers of effects and mechanical wizardry they heap upon their pure-hearted compositions elevate them...
    Price: £9.60

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