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  • Kalmykian Archaic and Soviet (12" Album) [Vinyl]
    Various Artists

    Kalmykian Archaic and Soviet (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Kalmyks (Oirats) are part of the Western Mongolian ethnos, living in the territory of modern Russia. Presented here are traditional Kalmyks songs (songs about the deportation of Kalmyks in 1943-1944) and Soviet folklore.
    Price: £18.59

  • Ghost Gamelan (2018) (Album) [CD]
    Susheela Raman

    Ghost Gamelan (2018) (Album) [CD]

    Raman has delivered an extraordinary album 'Ghost Gamelan', the body of which was recorded in Solo, Indonesia in 2016. The album is a collaboration with Javanese contemporary gamelan composer Gondrong Guanarto and his team of virtuoso gamelan players.
    Price: £14.28

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