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  • The Photographs of Charles Duvelle (2020) (with Book) [CD]
    Charles Duvelle

    The Photographs of Charles Duvelle (2020) (with Book) [CD]

    French label, Disques Ocora's sterling reputation is largely built on composer and musicologist Charles Duvelle's pioneering field recordings, as well as his now-iconic photographs and graphic design. This 296-page fine-art photography book comprises an...
    Price: £46.19

  • Manbarani (2021) (12" Album) [Vinyl] [Vinyl / 12" Album]
    Natik Awayez

    Manbarani (2021) (12" Album) [Vinyl] [Vinyl / 12" Album]

    Unique contemporary Arabic folk music sounding unfrozen & released from another time - produced by Maurice Louca and featuring some of Cairo's best known musicians. Rhythmic percussive arrangements by Khaled Yassine are the foundation for oud, violin,...
    Price: £19.49

  • Sound of Turning Earth (2019) (Album) [CD]
    Kumio Kurachi

    Sound of Turning Earth (2019) (Album) [CD]

    'Sound of Turning Earth' features Kurachi on vocals and guitar, mixing surreal lyrics and theatrical vocal personas with unorthodox tunings inspired by Japan's national instrument, the koto. Lyrically, Kurachi draws life from the small events of life,...
    Price: £13.19

  • Songs of Our Mothers (2019) (Album) [CD] [CD / Album]
    Kefaya & Elaha Soroor

    Songs of Our Mothers (2019) (Album) [CD] [CD / Album]

    Afghan singer Elaha Soroor and award-winning music/producer duo, Kefaya (Al MacSween & Giuliano Modarelli) join forces for this mighty and mesmerising album, which is a fresh and vibrant take on Afghan folk music filtered through myriad forms, from...
    Price: £12.12

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