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  • The Proclamation (2020) (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    The Proclamation (2020) (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    Available: 31st Dec 2021
    German black/death metal legion Voreus debut with 'The Proclamation' mini album, a twentythree-minute light-devouring hellscape of complete chaos and inhumanity that establishes the band as an implacable rising force in the elite of German extreme metal...
    Price: £17.49

  • Missy (2020) (12" Album) [Vinyl]
    The Moore Family Band

    Missy (2020) (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Available: 31st Dec 2021
    The Moore Family Band deliver sunny, propulsively catchy alt-rock while layering on the kinds of dueling guitars and perfectly judged harmonies that might be more at home on an '80s metal record. Earlier this year, the siblings found the COVID-19...
    Price: £16.19

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