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  • Terrouzi [Cassette Tape]
    Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla

    Terrouzi [Cassette Tape]

    Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla plays instrumental electronic keyboard in a style known in Mauritania as WZN, or in Arabic simply 'music'. Ancient classics are transformed into baroque freakouts, with a flurry of shredding over microtonal pitch bending notes in the...
    Price: £11.89

  • Anou Malane [Cassette Tape]
    Abdallah Oumbadougou

    Anou Malane [Cassette Tape]

    Tuareg guitar gets the electronic treatment, with a reissue of the album by legendary Nigerian composer Abdallah Oumbadougou. Produced in Benin in 1995. The genre, known for minimal folk ballads performed on acoustic guitar, is transformed with a full-on...
    Price: £10.19

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