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  • The Proclamation (2020) (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    The Proclamation (2020) (12" EP) [Vinyl]

    Available: 31st Dec 2021
    German black/death metal legion Voreus debut with 'The Proclamation' mini album, a twentythree-minute light-devouring hellscape of complete chaos and inhumanity that establishes the band as an implacable rising force in the elite of German extreme metal...
    Price: £17.49

  • Aberration (2021) (10" EP) [Vinyl]

    Aberration (2021) (10" EP) [Vinyl]

    Obfuscating and abysmal ambient dark death metal from members of Void Rot, Suffering Hour, Tvaer, and Nothingness. Fifteen minutes of oppressive and abhorrent death metal chaos spiraling down into aphotic hell.
    Price: £16.99

  • Dyspnea (2021) (12" Album) [Vinyl]
    Labored Breath

    Dyspnea (2021) (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Bridging the spellbinding atmospherics and evocative power of Icelandic black metal with the crushing violence and brute antagonism of French black metal, Labored Breath has created an intimidating and majestic black metal crucible that shape-shifts and...
    Price: £17.39

  • Darkness Silence Mirror Flame (2020) [Cassette Tape]

    Darkness Silence Mirror Flame (2020) [Cassette Tape]

    Formed by current and past members of Satan's Wrath, High Spirits, and Dawnbringer, San Francisco's Nite debut with 'Darkness Silence Mirror Flame', forty-six minutes of timeless and ass-kicking blackened classic heavy metal thunder that masterfully...
    Price: £10.19

  • Unitarity (2020) (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Unitarity (2020) (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Multinational industrial atmospheric black metal entity Decoherence return in 2020 with their mind-altering second album 'Unitarity'. Once again exploring through sound realms of the incomprehensible that lie far beyond human existence and understanding,...
    Price: £19.99

  • The Proclamation [Cassette Tape]

    The Proclamation [Cassette Tape]

    German black/death metal legion Voreus debut with 'The Proclamation' mini album, a twentythree-minute light-devouring hellscape of complete chaos and inhumanity that establishes the band as an implacable rising force in the elite of German extreme metal...
    Price: £10.19

  • Behold the Silent Dwellers [Cassette Tape]
    Aversio Humanitatis

    Behold the Silent Dwellers [Cassette Tape]

    After redefining themselves with their 2017 EP 'Longing for the Untold', Madrid's Aversio Humanitatis return with a long-awaited full-length album. 'Behold the Silent Dwellers' is an abyss of swirling ebon dissonance using flourishes of despondent...
    Price: £10.19

  • To Crown All Befoulment (2020) [Cassette Tape]

    To Crown All Befoulment (2020) [Cassette Tape]

    Highly anticipated full-length debut from Oakland death metal band, Dearth. 'To Crown All Befoulment' is a sonic reign of terror clawing deep into the most wretched, abominable, and hideous realms of human nature. Nihilistic beyond comprehension and...
    Price: £10.19

  • Lunar Radiant Dawn (10" EP) [Vinyl]
    Mortal Incarnation

    Lunar Radiant Dawn (10" EP) [Vinyl]

    Tokyo-based Japanese death-doom destroyers Mortal Incarnation debut with 'Lunar Radiant Dawn', a two-track, sixteen-minute dirge of colossal and otherworldly atmospheric death metal that towers over this year's death-doom output as one of the most...
    Price: £13.79

  • Slave Morality (2019) (12" Album) [Vinyl]
    Profane Order

    Slave Morality (2019) (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Fusing the cold and malefic grimness of black metal with the most bludgeoning strains of death metal and the blind terror of grindcore, with 'Slave Morality', Profane Order pay homage to long time war metal cults like Archgoat, Blasphemy, and Conqueror,...
    Price: £18.79

  • The Fires of Calcination (Limited  12" Album) [Vinyl]

    The Fires of Calcination (Limited 12" Album) [Vinyl]

    'The Fires of Calcination' is a decade-spanning retrospective compilation containing every track ever released by the band. The four tracks present on the album, testify with harrowing vehemence the birth and evolution of one of the most defiant and...
    Price: £17.49

  • Chasm [Cassette Tape]

    Chasm [Cassette Tape]

    Mind-altering second album by the Galician black/death metal band, who coerce crushing black and death metal into repetitive, trance-inducing song structures designed to consume and annihilate the psyche.
    Price: £10.19

  • Acéphale & Arkhé Tenebre [Cassette Tape]

    Acéphale & Arkhé Tenebre [Cassette Tape]

    Spanish industrial black metal-noise mystifiers S.E.K.H. create an asphyxiating sonic delirium in which hallucinatory soundscapes, dissonant guitars, and oppressive electronics submerge the listener into a dismal and dissociative transfiguration of...
    Price: £12.00

  • Sermons (2018) (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Sermons (2018) (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Italian one-man dark ambient/death industrial demon, Clavicvla, seamlessly blends the obsidian immensity of Lustmord and the wretched mantras of Trepaneringsritualen to unleash forty minutes of dismal and infernal atmospherics, drowning the listener into...
    Price: £18.59

  • Void of Infinite Horror (12" Album) [Vinyl]
    Vessel of Iniquity

    Void of Infinite Horror (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Second album from the British one-man sonic extermination entity, Vessel of Iniquity. 'Void of Infinite Horror' is a claustrophobic, abominable, twisted, and horrific mosaic of modern and visionary extreme metal which has once again managed to violently...
    Price: £17.39

  • 03 (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    03 (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Third album from Spanish black metal miserists Negativa. Complete dehumanization and self-disintegration through the morbid adoration of the void. While the songwriting on '03' remains epic and glistening with a sinister aura of solemnity, under the...
    Price: £18.69

  • Scum Sect [Cassette Tape]

    Scum Sect [Cassette Tape]

    Second studio album by the black metal band. Atrament fuse together crust/anarcho-punk, black and death metal with classic Swedish D-beat.
    Price: £10.19

  • Absconditus (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Absconditus (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Debut album by the Italian death-doom behemoths. 'Absconditus' drags the listener to a warped and hallucinated twilight zone, lost at the edge of the cosmos.
    Price: £17.39

  • Hell Storms Over Earth (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Hell Storms Over Earth (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    The ultimate and final compendium of long-lost and unreleased songs from San Francisco's legendary industrial/death metal band, Depressor. 'Hell Storms Over Earth' is the final statement in what was Depressor's glorious late '90s/early '00s 'crust era'...
    Price: £17.39

  • A Cryptic Howl of Morbid Truth (12" Album) [Vinyl]
    Black Earth

    A Cryptic Howl of Morbid Truth (12" Album) [Vinyl]

    Debut full-length album from Spanish ritual black ambience/terror electronics sorcerers, Black Earth. Originally released in 2015, 'A Cryptic Howl of Morbid Truth' showcases over forty minutes of shapeshifting, ghastly, and colossal sound sculpting,...
    Price: £17.39

  • The Lunatic Creature [Cassette Tape]

    The Lunatic Creature [Cassette Tape]

    Tunisian black metal enigma Ayyur re-surface after a lengthy slumber with 'The Lunatic Creature', a mini-album of soul-tearing atmospheric black metal shrouded in malevolent mysticism and superbly impenetrable atmospheres.
    Price: £10.19

  • A Wound of Body [Cassette Tape]
    Common Eider, King Eider

    A Wound of Body [Cassette Tape]

    The first part of Common Eider, King Edier's 'Wound' duology; two separate releases linked sonically, visually and spiritually, together forming the group's most focused and fully realised work to date.
    Price: £10.19

  • Liminal (12" Album (Clear vinyl)) [Vinyl]

    Liminal (12" Album (Clear vinyl)) [Vinyl]

    The triumphant reawakening of one of California's most obscure and best kept secrets. Thirty minutes of chaotic, vast, and abyssal atmospheric black metal suspended between the boundless obsidian majesty of 'DarkSpace', the deep and cutting darkness of...
    Price: £17.39

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