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  • The judge's parlour [BOOK]
    Arthur Walters

    The judge's parlour [BOOK]

    Brendon Gallagher, a long serving MI6 agent and resident of North London, makes an infrequent visit to Lingtree, the Bodmin Moor village where he grew up from the age of eleven, to attend the funeral...
    Price: £11.39

  • Kinch [BOOK]
    Laurie Evan Owen

    Kinch [BOOK]

    Articulate, finely structured, deftly paced and subversively original, Kinch is an intellectual white-knuckle ride. Set in a time which is now or any time, in a place which is England or anywhere,...
    Price: £11.39

  • Straw hat (Paperback original) [BOOK]
    John David Harris

    Straw hat (Paperback original) [BOOK]

    John Grant and his wife Susan are a middle-class couple who, after dropping off their ailing daughter at the children's department of St Richard's Hospital in Chichester, decide to visit the local...
    Price: £11.39

  • Broken [BOOK]
    A. Mackenzie Harris

    Broken [BOOK]

    Broken dreams, broken hearts and broken society. The Richmonds are an ordinary, hard-working family who have strived to reach a certain level of success but, as the Credit Crunch takes hold...
    Price: £11.39

  • Harcourt [BOOK]
    Anthony Lynch

    Harcourt [BOOK]

    Divorcing parents are a nightmare to live with, as well as visit, and as for the dating game they subject themselves to - well, just don't go there. Especially when Frank's about, which he usually...
    Price: £9.19

  • The Avrah stories [BOOK]
    Abu Abraham

    The Avrah stories [BOOK]

    The Avrah Stories is a collection of children's stories created to entertain and pass on a father's wisdom to his children. Each story is set in a different time and place, and based on the author's...
    Price: £12.79

  • House of straw (C format original) [BOOK]
    Marc Scott

    House of straw (C format original) [BOOK]

    Traumatised by the tragic death of her twin brother, Brianna falls into a state of deep depression, isolating herself from the world and all those that care about her. When a twist of fate reveals...
    Price: £10.69

  • Underclass 7 [BOOK]
    T. K. Williams-Nelson

    Underclass 7 [BOOK]

    Financial deprivation and personal demons of the past lead young man Foss and six of his closest friends to burgle the abandoned house of a retired entrepreneur. Deano, the crook of the group, leads...
    Price: £9.89

  • From Yorkshire to archangel [BOOK]
    David Wherrett

    From Yorkshire to archangel [BOOK]

    David's father was a young man of seventeen when he joined the Merchant Navy in the early spring of 1939. He may well have been imagining a new life of excitement, and long voyages overseas to...
    Price: £9.89

  • The nose that nobody picked [BOOK]
    David Parkin

    The nose that nobody picked [BOOK]

    One day, Christopher, a keen but unorthodox gardener, finds a living nose raised by slugs in his garden. In their hunt to find Little Big Nose a face, they encounter Doctor Skinner, an eccentric...
    Price: £11.39

  • Gorky [BOOK]
    Michael Nilsen

    Gorky [BOOK]

    Gorky is a quest novel set in a dreamscape environment of alternative temporal-space where the only limits are the imagination. This novel that will appeal to adult readers interested in adventure...
    Price: £11.39

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