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  • Prince Philip: A Life of Devotion (Normal) [DVD]

    Prince Philip: A Life of Devotion (Normal) [DVD]

    PRINCE PHILIP - THE PLOT TO MAKE A KINGThis programme tells the fascinating inside story of how Queen Elizabeth met Prince Philip and the fierce tensions unleashed when she fell in love with him - tensions that would eventually place huge strains on...
    Price: £14.27

  • Our Queen at Ninety (Normal) [DVD]

    Our Queen at Ninety (Normal) [DVD]

    ITV documentary celebrating the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Following the Queen and the Royal Family over the course of the year, the programme provides an insight into their work at home and abroad and their private life behind the doors of the...
    MSRP: £12.99
    Price: £9.95

  • Our Queen (Normal) [DVD]

    Our Queen (Normal) [DVD]

    Fleet Street royal correspondent Robert Hardman presents this intimate portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Granted rare and unprecedented access to the Queen's world, Hardman provides a fascinating insight into the private and public lives of...
    MSRP: £12.99
    Price: £7.99

  • Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal (Normal) [DVD]

    Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal (Normal) [DVD]

    Two-part BBC documentary centred on the life of Princess Margaret. Featuring archive footage and interviews with biographers, the programme chronicles the life of Princess Margaret from her birth in 1930, highlighting her royal duties, life in the public...
    MSRP: £15.99
    Price: £11.10

  • The Royal Collection (Box Set) [DVD]

    The Royal Collection (Box Set) [DVD]

    Triple bill of documentaries focusing on the British Royal Family. The collection includes the three-part series 'Queen Victoria's Children', which examines the monarch's relationships with her husband and children during her reign, 'King George & Queen...
    MSRP: £22.99
    Price: £11.10

  • Elizabeth at 90 - A Family Tribute (Normal) [DVD]

    Elizabeth at 90 - A Family Tribute (Normal) [DVD]

    John Bridcut directs this documentary in which he is given full access to Queen Elizabeth II's personal collection of ciné films. Prince Charles narrates as various members of the Royal Family including The Queen, Prince Charles, Princes William and...
    MSRP: £12.99
    Price: £9.95

  • Days of Majesty (Normal) [DVD]

    Days of Majesty (Normal) [DVD]

    A documentary look at the traditions and ceremony surrounding the British monarchy, offering particular insight into the Queen's role as the figurehead of the Royal Family. The programme contains restored colour film footage of the 1953 Coronation plus...
    Price: £8.99

  • Diana: A Celebration (Box Set) [DVD]

    Diana: A Celebration (Box Set) [DVD]

    Collection of documentaries celebrating the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. The documentaries are: 'Diana: A Model Princess', 'Diana: A Portrait', 'Princess Diana: In the Name of Love', 'Princess Diana: The Uncrowned Queen' and 'Remembering Princess...
    Price: £13.99

  • The Queen Mother: A Royal Century (Normal) [DVD]

    The Queen Mother: A Royal Century (Normal) [DVD]

    Comprehensive portrait of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, using exclusive footage to demonstrate the role she has played in public life over the last century. From the Second World War onwards the Queen Mother has been firmly rooted in the public's...
    Price: £10.99

  • Diana: A Portrait (Normal) [DVD]

    Diana: A Portrait (Normal) [DVD]

    A portrait of Princess Diana, posing questions about her relationship with Charles and the future of the monarchy. The programme includes an interview with royal biographer Andrew Morton as well as exclusive material from Diana's personal archives.
    Price: £9.99

  • Diana: Where Now? (Normal) [DVD]

    Diana: Where Now? (Normal) [DVD]

    Documentary exploring the life of the late Princess of Wales. After her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981, Diana gave birth to two sons and became known for her work with a number of charities. Following her divorce from Charles in the 1990s, Diana lost...
    Price: £9.99

  • Princess Diana: In Search of Happiness (Normal) [DVD]

    Princess Diana: In Search of Happiness (Normal) [DVD]

    A moving and thoughtful review of the short life of Diana, Queen of Hearts. It looks at her childhood, her dramatic move into the public eye in 1981, her work for charity, the jiggery and pokery that went on during her marriage to the future monarch, and...
    Price: £9.99

  • Princess Diana: A Day in the Life (Normal) [DVD]

    Princess Diana: A Day in the Life (Normal) [DVD]

    This documentary examines the transformation that took place in the late Princess Diana over her public life. Diana's daily routine is examined, and the various influences on her life since marrying Prince Charles are detailed. As the marriage...
    Price: £9.99

  • Prince William: A Royal Portrait (Normal) [DVD]

    Prince William: A Royal Portrait (Normal) [DVD]

    Documentary which looks at the life of Prince William, heir to the throne of Great Britain. Growing up in the public eye is rarely easy and the level of press attention focused on his mother, Princess Diana, both before and after her death, arguably made...
    Price: £9.99

  • Diana: A Model Princess (Normal) [DVD]

    Diana: A Model Princess (Normal) [DVD]

    A look back at the style and fashion sense of the late Princess Diana. Diana was one of the most photographed women of her generation, feted by fashionistas for her glamour and sense of taste. This documentary casts a retrospective eye on the style of...
    Price: £9.99

  • The Queen: Her True Story (Normal) [DVD]

    The Queen: Her True Story (Normal) [DVD]

    Documentary examining Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain's time as a monarch. Elizabeth is one of the longest serving monarchs in British history. From her coronation in 1953, she has overseen innumerable changes and historical events and dealt with...
    Price: £9.99

  • 14 Weddings and a Divorce (Normal) [DVD]

    14 Weddings and a Divorce (Normal) [DVD]

    Documentary that examines the tumultuous romantic lives of the British royal family in the 20th century. Royal headlines in the 1980s and 1990s were dominated by the wedding and subsequent divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. However, this was...
    Price: £9.99

  • William and Kate: Into the Future (Normal) [DVD]

    William and Kate: Into the Future (Normal) [DVD]

    Documentary looking at the relationship between Prince William and his new wife, Catherine Middleton. The film looks ahead to their married life and poses pertinent questions about the roles and responsibilities that will define it.
    Price: £9.99

  • Royal Collection (Box Set) [DVD]

    Royal Collection (Box Set) [DVD]

    Collection of documentaries about the royal family. 'Prince William and Prince Harry: Into the Future' takes an in-depth look at the two princes. 'Diana: A Model Princess' contains footage of the princes' late mother performing duties around the world...
    Price: £9.99

  • The Royal Wedding in Colour (Normal) [DVD]

    The Royal Wedding in Colour (Normal) [DVD]

    Footage of the Royal Wedding of 20th November 1947 that saw Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth and Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, later Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, join in matrimony. Filmed by pioneer cameraman Jack Cardiff, the wedding can...
    Price: £9.99

  • The Queen's Diamond Jubilee (2012) (Normal) [DVD]

    The Queen's Diamond Jubilee (2012) (Normal) [DVD]

    Three-part documentary that examines the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. 'The Young Queen: 1952-1969' explores Elizabeth's first years as a monarch. 'The Monarchy Under Threat: 1970-1989' examines a period of turmoil for the royal family as their role in a...
    Price: £8.70

  • Queen Elizabeth II - Reign Supreme (Normal) [DVD]

    Queen Elizabeth II - Reign Supreme (Normal) [DVD]

    Documentary profiling Britain's reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Born on 21st April 1926, Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was just 25-years-old when her father, King George VI, tragically died and she abruptly assumed the throne as the new Queen...
    Price: £15.99

  • The Royal Family: Collection (2011) (Normal) [DVD]

    The Royal Family: Collection (2011) (Normal) [DVD]

    Triple bill of documentaries about the royal family. 'King George VI and Elizabeth - a Royal Love Story' explores the relationship between King George VI and his consort Elizabeth. George VI came to the throne in December 1936 following the abdication of...
    Price: £15.07

  • Elizabeth II: From Princess to Queen (Normal) [DVD]

    Elizabeth II: From Princess to Queen (Normal) [DVD]

    Released to coincide with the Queen's official birthday, this documentary looks at the early years of Elizabeth's life from birth through to her coronation as Queen. The film features archive footage of events including her wedding and Edward's...
    Price: £15.99

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