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  • Inner Landscapes (2015) (Normal) [DVD]

    Inner Landscapes (2015) (Normal) [DVD]

    Adrian Munsey presents this collection of short films exploring the landscapes of Great Britain, accompanied with music from the English Sinfonia and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. The films are: 'The Sky Inside', 'Incognito', 'Forgotten', 'A Wider...
    Price: £11.99

  • The Queen Mother: A Royal Century (Normal) [DVD]

    The Queen Mother: A Royal Century (Normal) [DVD]

    Comprehensive portrait of Her Majesty the Queen Mother, using exclusive footage to demonstrate the role she has played in public life over the last century. From the Second World War onwards the Queen Mother has been firmly rooted in the public's...
    Price: £10.99

  • 7/7: One Day in London (2012) (Normal) [DVD]

    7/7: One Day in London (2012) (Normal) [DVD]

    Documentary about the London terrorist attacks of 2005 which led to 52 people being killed and 700 injured. Film-maker Ben Anthony speaks to some of those present, including commuters and emergency service staff, about their experiences and how they have...
    Price: £9.89

  • Diana: A Portrait (1992) (Normal) [DVD]

    Diana: A Portrait (1992) (Normal) [DVD]

    A portrait of Princess Diana, posing questions about her relationship with Charles and the future of the monarchy. The programme includes an interview with royal biographer Andrew Morton as well as exclusive material from Diana's personal archives.
    Price: £9.99

  • Diana: A Model Princess (Normal) [DVD]

    Diana: A Model Princess (Normal) [DVD]

    A look back at the style and fashion sense of the late Princess Diana. Diana was one of the most photographed women of her generation, feted by fashionistas for her glamour and sense of taste. This documentary casts a retrospective eye on the style of...
    Price: £9.99

  • 14 Weddings and a Divorce (Normal) [DVD]

    14 Weddings and a Divorce (Normal) [DVD]

    Documentary that examines the tumultuous romantic lives of the British royal family in the 20th century. Royal headlines in the 1980s and 1990s were dominated by the wedding and subsequent divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. However, this was...
    Price: £9.89

  • Royal Collection (Box Set) [DVD]

    Royal Collection (Box Set) [DVD]

    Collection of documentaries about the royal family. 'Prince William and Prince Harry: Into the Future' takes an in-depth look at the two princes. 'Diana: A Model Princess' contains footage of the princes' late mother performing duties around the world...
    Price: £9.89

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