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  • Drive-in Massacre (1977) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Drive-in Massacre (1977) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Stuart Segall directs, co-writes and produces this '70s slasher horror. The teenage residents of Aurora, Illinois regularly gather at the drive-in movie theatre for a bit of Saturday night fun. This week it's a cheesy old Western being screened, but...
    Price: £11.09

  • Child's Play (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Child's Play (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    From the producers of It comes this shocking re-imagining of the 1988 horror classic. Realizing that her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) is lonely, Karen (Aubrey Plaza) brings home a technologically sophisticated "Buddi" doll named Chucky. But Chucky is no...
    Price: £7.10

  • Five Feet Apart (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Five Feet Apart (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Stella Grant (Haley Lu Richardson) is every bit a seventeen-year-old. she's attached to her laptop and loves her best friends. But unlike most teenagers, she spends much of her time living in a hospital as a cystic fibrosis patient. Her life is full of...
    Price: £7.10

  • Death Wish (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Death Wish (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Bruce Willis stars in Director Eli Roth's reimagining of the 1974 revenge thriller Death Wish. Dr. Paul Kersey (Willis) is a surgeon who only sees the aftermath of his city's violence as it's rushed into his ER - until his wife (Elisabeth Shue) and...
    Price: £7.10

  • Only the Brave (2006) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Only the Brave (2006) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    World War II drama based on real events. In 1944 a US Army regiment, dubbed 'the Lost Batallion', has become surrounded by Nazis in the French mountains. The 100th/442nd Combat Team, known as 'the Purple Heart Battalion' and comprised entirely of...
    Price: £6.30

  • Firestarter (1984) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Firestarter (1984) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Drew Barrymore stars as Charlie McGee, a young girl who has the ability to start fires purely by the force of her mind, in this adaptation of the Stephen King bestseller. Charlie's difficulties in coming to terms with her unusual gift are intensified...
    Price: £6.30

  • The Dead Zone (1983) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Dead Zone (1983) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    David Cronenberg's adaptation of the Stephen King novel. Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) is a schoolteacher who, after surviving a terrible road accident, emerges from a five-year coma cursed with psychic powers which enable him to see into the future...
    Price: £7.10

  • Amityville 3 (1983) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Amityville 3 (1983) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    A journalist (Tony Roberts) moves to Long Island's least desirable residence, even though he is aware of its haunted history. Initially treating the stories with scepticism, he becomes less sure of himself upon discovery of a feature not mentioned in the...
    Price: £7.10

  • The Bounty (1984) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Bounty (1984) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    A revisionist remake of the famous maritime story. Captain William Bligh (Anthony Hopkins) is in charge of the Bounty as it endures a long and harrowing voyage across the South Seas. When the ship reaches Tahiti, and the crew go to shore in search of...
    Price: £6.30

  • Woman in Motion (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Woman in Motion (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American documentary that charts the history of 'Star Trek' actor Nichelle Nichols and her pioneering work with NASA that influenced a whole generation of African Americans to begin careers in American space programmes throughout the 1970s and '80s.
    Price: £7.10

  • You're Not Alone (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    You're Not Alone (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American horror directed by Eduardo Rodriguez and starring Katia Winter. Following the death of her ex-husband, Emma (Winter) takes full custody of her estranged daughter Isla (Ashley E. Jones). However, the arrival of her young daughter seems to...
    Price: £8.70

  • Don't Speak (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Don't Speak (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low budget British thriller written and directed by Scott Jeffrey. Following the news that her father is ill, Rita (Stephanie Lodge) travels with her family to her parents' home in the remote countryside. When they arrive, however, there is no trace of...
    Price: £8.70

  • The Odds (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Odds (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Indie horror written and directed by Bob Giordano. A woman (Abbi Butler) desperate for cash enters an illegal and highly dangerous endurance game hoping to win and provide for her daughter. As the Game Master (James J. Fuertes) remains in a locked room...
    Price: £7.10

  • Cupid (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Cupid (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low budget British horror written and directed by Scott Jeffrey. High school student Faye (Georgina Jane) is bullied by the popular girls at school. However, Faye also happens to dabble with witchcraft and she summons a demon in order to gain her revenge...
    Price: £7.10

  • Dead Man Rising (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Dead Man Rising (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low budget American drama directed by Thomas L. Callaway. When death row inmate Daniel (Sean Anthony Morgan) is given an execution date he begins studying the different options available to him. However, as his research deepens, and prompted by a fellow...
    Price: £8.70

  • Assassinaut (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Assassinaut (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget American sci-fi adventure written and directed by Drew Bolduc. Following a war with an alien race humanity finds itself still dealing with pockets of resistance from remnants of the alien race and their human allies. When the Earth's President...
    Price: £8.70

  • Winter War (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Winter War (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Slovenian war drama directed by Dejan Babosek. Under severe wintry conditions, resistance commander Franc Sever Franta (Domen Valic) attempts an audacious bid to rescue a number of soldiers who are surrounded and under increasing pressure from a Nazi...
    Price: £7.10

  • Gundala (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Gundala (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Indonesian action drama starring Abimana Aryasatya as Sancaka, a mechanic who has superhuman powers that come to the fore when he is struck by lightning. Encouraged by his neighbour Wulan (Tara Basro) to use his powers to fight corruption Sancaka becomes...
    Price: £7.10

  • Yeti (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Yeti (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low budget American action drama directed by Jamaal Burden. An expedition to the Himalayan mountains hoping to obtain plant material for advancing medical purposes meets a territorial creature that threatens their lives. Led by former Special Forces...
    Price: £7.10

  • Abigail Haunting (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Abigail Haunting (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American low budget horror co-written and directed by Kelly Schwarze. Following her escape from an abusive relationship Katie (Chelsea Jurkiewicz) returns to her childhood home to visit her estranged foster mother (Brenda Daly). However, once there it...
    Price: £7.10

  • Area 51 Nevada (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Area 51 Nevada (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget American sci-fi drama written and directed by Fred Grant. When Carina (Arielle Uppaluri) witnesses a suicide outside her home a host of strange events unfold that result in her becoming convinced about certain conspiracy theories to do with...
    Price: £7.10

  • Island Zero (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Island Zero (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American thriller set on a remote island off the coast of Maine. When the mainland ferry fails to turn up rumours abound over what might have happened and local marine biologist Sam (Adam Wade McLaughlin) is convinced that something sinister is at play...
    Price: £6.30

  • Sonny Capone (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Sonny Capone (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Irish action drama starring Gerard Daly as Sonny Capone, a notorious gangster based in Rome. When Sonny is informed that his son has been murdered in Dublin he makes the trip to Ireland and sets about gaining revenge, sparking off a bitter feud with the...
    Price: £6.30

  • High Moon (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    High Moon (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American horror written and directed by Josh Ridgway. A flash flood results in the discovery of a number of old coffins that alarm the residents of a small town, including Sheriff Hardy (Matthew Tompkins). When it transpires that the bodies have been...
    Price: £7.10

  • Lasso (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Lasso (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American horror directed by Evan Cecil. A community group of senior adults, led by carers Kit (Lindsey Morgan) and Simon (Andrew Jacobs), attend a local rodeo. However, their day trip takes a turn for the worse when they attempt to leave and find...
    Price: £6.30

  • Artik (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Artik (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American horror written and directed by Tom Botchii Skowronski. Young boy Adam (Gavin White) is brought up on his father Artik (Jerry G. Angelo)'s sunflower farm where he is taught how to dismember bodies and become a brutal serial killer just like his...
    Price: £6.30

  • Solitary (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Solitary (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    British sci-fi drama written and directed by Luke Armstrong. Isaac Havelock (Johnny Sachon) wakes up in a habitation capsule in outer space with no memory of how he got there. Aboard the capsule is the mysterious Alana (Lottie Tolhurst) and as Isaac...
    Price: £6.30

  • Collision Earth (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Collision Earth (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget American sci-fi drama directed by Matthew Boda. A team of scientists from Wyoming discover that an asteroid is set to collide with the Earth. However, their efforts to save the world are met with resistance by the cantankerous military...
    Price: £7.10

  • Tanks for Stalin (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Tanks for Stalin (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Russian war drama directed by Kim Druzhinin. The development of a new tank model in the early 1940s becomes highly sought after as the prototype makes its way across the Russian countryside to Moscow. With the Nazi regime determined to prise the war...
    Price: £7.10

  • Crossbreed (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Crossbreed (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American sci-fi drama starring Vivica A. Fox and Daniel Baldwin. President Henricksen (Fox) and Defense Secretary Weathers (Baldwin) recruit former war hero Ryker (Stink Fisher) to recover a stolen alien embryo that they hope will allow them to maintain...
    Price: £6.30

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