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  • Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982) (Widescreen) [DVD]

    Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982) (Widescreen) [DVD]

    Bob Geldof plays Pink, a burned out rock star holed up in a Los Angeles hotel. He reminisces on his life, from his wartime birth to his present circumstances. The film contains no dialogue; rather the narrative is carried by the Pink Floyd soundtrack and...
    Price: £9.99

  • Elvis: 5 Movie Collection (1964) (Box Set) [DVD]

    Elvis: 5 Movie Collection (1964) (Box Set) [DVD]

    Elvis Presley 5 Movies Collection. Tune in with the `King of Rock and Roll' with a curated collection of his finest movies. Includes performances of hit songs ""Wooden Heart"", ""Shoppin Around"", ""Little Egypt"", ""Can't Help Falling In Love',...
    Price: £15.07

  • Oh... Rosalinda!! (1955) (Normal) [DVD]

    Oh... Rosalinda!! (1955) (Normal) [DVD]

    British musical comedy from Powell and Pressburger based on the operetta by Johann Strauss. When black market dealer Dr Falke (Anton Walbrook) is the target of a practical joke after a drunken night at a costume party, he sets out to have his revenge by...
    Price: £12.99

  • Chicago (2002) (Normal) [DVD]

    Chicago (2002) (Normal) [DVD]

    Winner of 6 Oscars, including Best Picture, and based on the hit Broadway musical, CHICAGO is a dazzling spectacle cheered by audiences and critics alike. At a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelly...
    Price: £7.10

  • Dirty Dancing (2017) (Normal) [DVD]

    Dirty Dancing (2017) (Normal) [DVD]

    Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes star in this romantic drama remake of the 1987 film. The film follows Baby Houseman (Breslin), a teenager on holiday with her family at a resort in the Catskill Mountains who catches the eye of the hotel's dance...
    Price: £6.30

  • The Tommy Steele Story (1957) (Normal) [DVD]

    The Tommy Steele Story (1957) (Normal) [DVD]

    Semi-autobiographical musical starring Tommy Steele portraying a version of himself and his rise to fame. When young merchant seaman Tommy, an avid guitar player, is posted to the West Indies he discovers the rhythms of calypso music and starts to write...
    Price: £12.99

  • Sing As We Go! (1934) (Normal) [DVD]

    Sing As We Go! (1934) (Normal) [DVD]

    Beloved by the British public for her string of hit pre-war films, Gracie Fields' Lancastrian earthiness, impish humour and memorable songs have endeared her to many generations of fans. A morale-boosting feelgood movie made at a time of great economic...
    MSRP: £12.99
    Price: £12.10

  • Gonks Go Beat (1964) (Normal) [DVD]

    Gonks Go Beat (1964) (Normal) [DVD]

    Psychedelic 1960s sci-fi reimagining of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' with music by Lulu and the Luvvers, The Nashville Teens and The Graham Bond Organisation. Planet Earth is in great turmoil - there's trouble brewing between the rock and roll loving...
    Price: £12.99

  • Pop at the Movies: Volume 2 (1965) (Box Set) [DVD]

    Pop at the Movies: Volume 2 (1965) (Box Set) [DVD]

    Collection of four musicals. In 'Up Jumped a Swagman' (1965) Frank Ifield stars as young Australian singer Dave Kelly who arrives in London seeking fame and fortune. Never one to set himself low targets, one of the first things Dave does upon his arrival...
    MSRP: £12.99
    Price: £10.99

  • Take Me High (1973) (Normal) [DVD]

    Take Me High (1973) (Normal) [DVD]

    David Askey directs this British musical in which Cliff Richard stars as bank manager Tim Matthews. Tim is sent to Birmingham to oversee the launch of a new hamburger restaurant and gets more than he bargained for when he falls in love. The cast also...
    Price: £12.99

  • It's All Happening (1963) (Normal) [DVD]

    It's All Happening (1963) (Normal) [DVD]

    Tommy Steele stars as a talent scout for a record company who manages to save an orphanage from closure whilst also making himself a star. When Billy Bowles (Steele) discovers that the orphanage he was raised in is due to close, he sets out to rescue it...
    Price: £12.99

  • Radio Parade of 1935 (1934) (Normal) [DVD]

    Radio Parade of 1935 (1934) (Normal) [DVD]

    British musical starring Will Hay, Helen Chandler and Clifford Mollison. When William Garland (Hay), Director General of the National Broadcasting Group, discovers that his programming is considered too high-brow for the general public he attempts to...
    Price: £12.99

  • Moulin Rouge (1928) (Normal) [DVD]

    Moulin Rouge (1928) (Normal) [DVD]

    Silent musical drama directed by E. A. Dupont and starring Olga Tschechowa, Eve Gray and Jean Bradin. Parysia (Tschechowa) is perhaps the most sought after woman in Paris due in no small part to her performances as a revue artist. She has a daughter...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • Let's Be Happy (1957) (Normal) [DVD]

    Let's Be Happy (1957) (Normal) [DVD]

    Henry Levin directs this classic British musical drama starring Vera-Ellen and Tony Martin. Vera-Ellen plays Canadian dancer Jeannie MacLean who travels to Scotland to trace her family's roots. On her journey over the Atlantic she meets businessman...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • The Dancing Years (1950) (Normal) [DVD]

    The Dancing Years (1950) (Normal) [DVD]

    Harold French directs this classic American musical drama starring Dennis Price as Viennese composer Rudi Kleiber who, while entertaining a group of soldiers at an inn in Vienna, is reunited with Maria Zeitler (Gisèle Préville), a former sweetheart of...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • Just for You (1966) (Normal) [DVD]

    Just for You (1966) (Normal) [DVD]

    Douglas Hickox and Vincent Scarza direct this 1960s musical showcasing a range of contemporary musicians. At the centre of the feature is Casey Paxton (playing a version of himself), an aspiring rock'n'roller who attempts to break into the music industry...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • My Irish Molly (1938) (Normal) [DVD]

    My Irish Molly (1938) (Normal) [DVD]

    Classic musical drama starring child star Binkie Stuart and Maureen O'Hara. Binkie Stuart plays the part of Molly Martin, a little Irish orphan girl, who travels to the United States to stay with relatives and experiences a life far removed from her...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.63

  • Up Jumped a Swagman (1965) (Normal) [DVD]

    Up Jumped a Swagman (1965) (Normal) [DVD]

    Christopher Miles directs this 1960s British musical starring Frank Ifield as a young Australian singer who arrives in London seeking fame and fortune. Never one to set himself low targets, one of the first things Dave Kelly (Ifield) does, upon his...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • What a Crazy World (1963) (Normal) [DVD]

    What a Crazy World (1963) (Normal) [DVD]

    Michael Carreras directs this 1960s British musical comedy starring Joe Brown as a young man whose dreams of pop stardom unexpectedly come true. As an unemployed dreamer rattling round the arcades, cafés and nightspots of London's East End, Alf Hitchens...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • Charley Moon (1956) (Normal) [DVD]

    Charley Moon (1956) (Normal) [DVD]

    Guy Hamilton directs this 1950s British drama following the rise to fame of a young comedian. Charley Moon (Max Bygraves) first discovers his ability to entertain during World War II, when he appears in a military concert and captures the attention of...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • These Dangerous Years (1957) (Normal) [DVD]

    These Dangerous Years (1957) (Normal) [DVD]

    Herbert Wilcox directs this musical starring Frankie Vaughan, George Baker, Kenneth Cope, John Le Mesurier and Thora Hird. Dave Wyman (Vaughan), a rebellious young Liverpudlian who fancies himself as a rock and roll frontman, has his dreams checked by a...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • King's Rhapsody (1955) (Normal) [DVD]

    King's Rhapsody (1955) (Normal) [DVD]

    Herbert Wilcox directs this musical drama based on the play by Ivor Novello starring Anna Neagle, Errol Flynn and Patrice Wymore. As the exiled heir to the throne of the fictional kingdom of Laurentia, Prince Richard (Flynn) has found peace through his...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.63

  • Play It Cool! (1962) (Normal) [DVD]

    Play It Cool! (1962) (Normal) [DVD]

    Michael Winner directs this musical starring Billy Fury, Helen Shapiro and Bobby Vee. When his band get stranded in London, aspiring rock 'n' roller Bobby Universe (Fury) befriends Ann (Anna Palk), the daughter of an heiress. Bobby and his band take Ann...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • The Good Companions (1957) (Normal) [DVD]

    The Good Companions (1957) (Normal) [DVD]

    J. Lee Thompson directs this 1950s musical comedy, based on the novel by J.B. Priestley, starring John Fraser, Rachel Roberts, Joyce Grenfell, Celia Johnson, Anthony Newley and Thora Hird. At the centre of the story is Susie Dean (Janette Scott), a...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • Some People (1962) (Normal) [DVD]

    Some People (1962) (Normal) [DVD]

    Early 1960s musical drama following the fortunes of a group of teenagers who are encouraged to channel their rebellious energy into a band. Johnnie (Ray Brooks), Bill (David Andrews) and Bert (David Hemmings) have two hobbies: riding motorcycles and...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • Bugsy Malone (1976) (Normal) [DVD]

    Bugsy Malone (1976) (Normal) [DVD]

    Alan Parker's musical spoof of gangster films features an all-child cast with guns that fire cream. When gang warfare erupts between Fat Sam and Dandy Dan, hustler Bugsy Malone (Scott Baio), singer Tallulah (Jodie Foster) and newly arrived showgirl...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £7.99

  • I'll Be Your Sweetheart (1945) (Normal) [DVD]

    I'll Be Your Sweetheart (1945) (Normal) [DVD]

    British musical in which a hopeful song publisher lands in London in an attempt to make his fame. Having encountered the beautiful singer Edie Story (Margaret Lockwood), Bob Fielding (Michael Rennie) approaches her to form an alliance with him against...
    MSRP: £12.99
    Price: £10.99

  • Leave It On the Floor (2011) (Normal) [DVD]

    Leave It On the Floor (2011) (Normal) [DVD]

    Musical comedy drama following a young gay man who is thrown out of his home by his homophopic mother. Now with no place to live, Brad (Ephraim Sykes) joins drag family and dance troupe 'House of Eminence', led by Queef Latina (Barbie-Q). As Brad becomes...
    MSRP: £15.99
    Price: £7.99

  • Dancer in the Dark (2000) (Normal) [DVD]

    Dancer in the Dark (2000) (Normal) [DVD]

    Björk stars in this musical drama written and directed by Lars von Trier. Selma (Björk) is a Czech immigrant who works as a machine operator in an American tool factory. Almost blind herself, she struggles to make enough money to pay for the operation...
    Price: £8.99

  • Xanadu (1980) (Normal) [DVD]

    Xanadu (1980) (Normal) [DVD]

    Step into a magical world with superstars Olivia Newton-John (Grease) and Gene Kelly (Singin' in the Rain) as they take Xanadu! A beautiful muse is sent from up above to inspire a struggling artist and help motivate him to open a roller-disco. The...
    Price: £10.99

  • Car Wash (1976) (Normal) [DVD]

    Car Wash (1976) (Normal) [DVD]

    A musical day in the life of the Dee Luxe Car Wash, where the employees while away the hours until closing time by doing anything other than work. Amongst those pulling up to get their windscreens buffed are George Carlin, The Pointer Sisters and Richard...
    MSRP: £14.99
    Price: £8.99

  • The Wiz (1978) (Normal) [DVD]

    The Wiz (1978) (Normal) [DVD]

    Modern update of 'The Wizard of Oz' with Diana Ross as Dorothy leading her gang of no-gooders to the disco chic city of New York. Plenty of Motown music and dance routines are provided by an all black cast.
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.99

  • London Road (2015) (Normal) [DVD]

    London Road (2015) (Normal) [DVD]

    Tom Hardy and Olivia Colman head the cast of this adaptation of the award-winning musical production directed by Rufus Norris. The film tells the story of how the residents of Ipswich reacted to and came to terms with the fact that Steve Wright, one of...
    MSRP: £19.99
    Price: £8.99

  • A Hard Day's Night (1964) (Normal) [DVD]

    A Hard Day's Night (1964) (Normal) [DVD]

    The Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr) head for London to appear on television, accompanied by their manager and Paul's grandfather (Wilfrid Brambell). Grandad gets into some trouble at a casino and then convinces...
    Price: £13.99

  • Cool As Ice (1991) (Normal) [DVD]

    Cool As Ice (1991) (Normal) [DVD]

    1991 cult musical starring rapper Vanilla Ice. Rebel motorcyclist Johnny (Ice) wins the heart of a young student, played by Kristen Minter. However, trouble stirs when the girl's parents, who have long been in the Witness Protection Program, are...
    Price: £13.99

  • Aria (1988) (Special Edition) [DVD]

    Aria (1988) (Special Edition) [DVD]

    Music from Carpenter, Erich Korngold, Ruggiero Leon Cavallo, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Giacomo Puccini, Jean Philippe Rameau, Giuseppe Verdi and Richard Wagner. Ten film directors set the music of the operatic greats to contemporary images.
    Price: £15.99

  • Tommy (1975) (Normal) [DVD]

    Tommy (1975) (Normal) [DVD]

    Rock opera composed by Pete Townshend, directed by Ken Russell and starring Roger Daltrey as the eponymous hero. Following a childhood trauma Tommy suffers from a catatonic state where he appears to be blind, deaf and mute. As his mother (Ann-Magret)...
    Price: £14.81

  • Billy Bishop Goes to War (2010) (Normal) [DVD]

    Billy Bishop Goes to War (2010) (Normal) [DVD]

    Musical biopic adapted from the play about Canadian Air Marshal William Avery 'Billy' Bishop, portrayed here by Eric Peterson. Enthusiastic about aviation from a young age, Bishop joined the Royal Military College of Canada at 17 and later became a...
    Price: £15.99

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