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  • Drive-in Massacre (1977) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Drive-in Massacre (1977) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Stuart Segall directs, co-writes and produces this '70s slasher horror. The teenage residents of Aurora, Illinois regularly gather at the drive-in movie theatre for a bit of Saturday night fun. This week it's a cheesy old Western being screened, but...
    Price: £11.09

  • Child's Play (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Child's Play (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    From the producers of It comes this shocking re-imagining of the 1988 horror classic. Realizing that her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) is lonely, Karen (Aubrey Plaza) brings home a technologically sophisticated "Buddi" doll named Chucky. But Chucky is no...
    Price: £7.10

  • Firestarter (1984) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Firestarter (1984) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Drew Barrymore stars as Charlie McGee, a young girl who has the ability to start fires purely by the force of her mind, in this adaptation of the Stephen King bestseller. Charlie's difficulties in coming to terms with her unusual gift are intensified...
    Price: £6.30

  • Amityville 3 (1983) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Amityville 3 (1983) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    A journalist (Tony Roberts) moves to Long Island's least desirable residence, even though he is aware of its haunted history. Initially treating the stories with scepticism, he becomes less sure of himself upon discovery of a feature not mentioned in the...
    Price: £7.10

  • You're Not Alone (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    You're Not Alone (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American horror directed by Eduardo Rodriguez and starring Katia Winter. Following the death of her ex-husband, Emma (Winter) takes full custody of her estranged daughter Isla (Ashley E. Jones). However, the arrival of her young daughter seems to...
    Price: £8.70

  • The Odds (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Odds (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Indie horror written and directed by Bob Giordano. A woman (Abbi Butler) desperate for cash enters an illegal and highly dangerous endurance game hoping to win and provide for her daughter. As the Game Master (James J. Fuertes) remains in a locked room...
    Price: £7.10

  • Cupid (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Cupid (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low budget British horror written and directed by Scott Jeffrey. High school student Faye (Georgina Jane) is bullied by the popular girls at school. However, Faye also happens to dabble with witchcraft and she summons a demon in order to gain her revenge...
    Price: £7.10

  • Abigail Haunting (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Abigail Haunting (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American low budget horror co-written and directed by Kelly Schwarze. Following her escape from an abusive relationship Katie (Chelsea Jurkiewicz) returns to her childhood home to visit her estranged foster mother (Brenda Daly). However, once there it...
    Price: £7.10

  • High Moon (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    High Moon (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American horror written and directed by Josh Ridgway. A flash flood results in the discovery of a number of old coffins that alarm the residents of a small town, including Sheriff Hardy (Matthew Tompkins). When it transpires that the bodies have been...
    Price: £7.10

  • Lasso (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Lasso (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American horror directed by Evan Cecil. A community group of senior adults, led by carers Kit (Lindsey Morgan) and Simon (Andrew Jacobs), attend a local rodeo. However, their day trip takes a turn for the worse when they attempt to leave and find...
    Price: £6.30

  • Artik (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Artik (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    American horror written and directed by Tom Botchii Skowronski. Young boy Adam (Gavin White) is brought up on his father Artik (Jerry G. Angelo)'s sunflower farm where he is taught how to dismember bodies and become a brutal serial killer just like his...
    Price: £6.30

  • The Appearance (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Appearance (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Kurt Knight writes and directs this low-budget horror set in the Middle Ages. Following the brutal murder of a monk, Abbey authorities send for an inquisitor, Mateho (Jake Stormoen), to investigate a young girl, Isabel (Baylee Self), who they believe has...
    Price: £6.30

  • Bigfoot (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Bigfoot (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget American horror directed by Matt Allen. When a camping trip involving a group of teenagers in a Colorado forest ends in a massacre rumours circulate about the existence of Bigfoot. TV producer Rick Paxton (Ben Brower) senses an opportunity and...
    Price: £6.30

  • Darlin' (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Darlin' (2019) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Pollyanna McIntosh writes, directs and stars in this horror sequel to 'The Woman' (2011). A feral, cannibalistic young woman known as Darlin' (Lauryn Canny) is brought to a Catholic care home where a corrupt Bishop (Bryan Batt) hopes to use her as a...
    Price: £7.10

  • The Cleansing (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Cleansing (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget British horror set during the 14th century directed by Antony Smith. A mysterious plague spreads throughout a small village and Alice (Rebecca Aycock) witnesses her father succumb to the disease as well as her mother being taken away when it...
    Price: £6.30

  • Dead List (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Dead List (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low budget American horror co-written and co-directed by Holden Andrews, Ivan Asen and Victor Mathieu. When aspiring actor Calvin (Deane Sullivan) discovers an ancient text he dabbles with the rituals contained within the demonic book and sets off a...
    Price: £6.30

  • Charismata (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Charismata (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Psychological horror written and directed by Andy Collier and Toor Mian. London-based detective Rebecca Faraway (Sarah Beck Mather) investigates a number of murders linked to a potential serial killer. Real estate owner Michael Sweet (Jamie...
    Price: £6.30

  • West of Hell (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    West of Hell (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget horror starring Tony Todd. Conflicts arise on a midnight train bound for Atlanta between a gunslinger, an ex-slave and a female runaway. However, once it becomes apparent that there are more sinister forces on board all three must put their...
    Price: £6.30

  • The Nursery (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Nursery (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget supernatural horror co-directed by Christopher A. Micklos and Jay Sapiro. When Ranae (Madeline Conway) agrees to babysit on a Saturday night she finds herself contending with much more than she expected. Receiving an eerie photo to her phone...
    Price: £6.30

  • Evil Elves (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Evil Elves (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    US supernatural horror. The film follows a group of friends who, after putting their names on Santa's naughty list, are terrorised by a gang of evil elves who force them to carry out acts of violence for their sins. The cast includes Lisa May, Deanna...
    Price: £6.30

  • The Toybox (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Toybox (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Denise Richards and Mischa Barton star in this US horror. After the passing of his wife, Charles (Greg Violand) embarks on a cross-country road trip with his estranged sons, Steve (Jeff Denton) and Jay (Brian Nagel), and Steve's wife Jennifer (Richards),...
    Price: £6.30

  • Curse of the Nun (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Curse of the Nun (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget American horror following a young woman who is haunted by a demonic nun. As Anna (Lacy Hartselle) prepares to finally move in to the family home of her dreams, she discovers a malevolent spirit doesn't want her to leave so soon. Troubled by...
    Price: £6.30

  • The Terrible Two (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Terrible Two (2018) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget American horror. On the one year anniversary of their daughters' deaths, Albert and Jade Poe (Reid Doyle and Cari Moskow) are mourning their loss, with Jade unable to move on and convinced her daughters are still with them in their home...
    Price: £6.30

  • Tall Men (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Tall Men (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget US horror. After falling deep into debt and filing for bankruptcy, Terrence Mackleby (Dan Crisafulli) is offered a financial lifeline when he is given a mysterious credit card, which he promptly uses to impress his girlfriend Lucy (Kay...
    Price: £6.30

  • Charlotte (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Charlotte (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    US horror anthology. While babysitting for her friend, a girl finds herself tied to a chair by an evil doll named Charlotte and forced to watch a series of short horror films, which include two sisters fighting over a doll, a man performing a demonic...
    Price: £6.30

  • Dark Mountain (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Dark Mountain (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget US horror. The film follows a group of estranged female high school friends as they reunite for a hiking weekend in the woods. But it's not long before they find themselves lost and walking round in circles and forced to seek refuge in an...
    Price: £6.30

  • Nightlight (2015) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Nightlight (2015) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget US horror. The film follows five teenage friends as they head into the infamous Covington forest, which has a history of teenage suicides, for a fun night of games and ghost stories. However, their night takes a turn for the worse when they...
    Price: £6.30

  • Monster X (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Monster X (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Comedy horror anthology. A young couple attending a horror film festival at their local cinema find themselves stranded inside with a horde of monsters after the ghosts, vampires and werewolves on the screen come to life and escape into reality. As they...
    Price: £6.30

  • Krampus Unleashed (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Krampus Unleashed (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget festive horror. A group of treasure hunters unknowingly awaken a terrifying force when they unearth a powerful summoning stone. After years of dormancy, the Christmas Devil known as the Krampus (Travis Amery) rises again to exact his evil will...
    Price: £6.30

  • Dark Amazon (2014) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Dark Amazon (2014) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Documentary-style horror. When a potential cancer cure is discovered, a team of researchers travel to the Amazon rainforest to further examine the species of frog that is crucial to the creation of the cure. With a documentary crew filming their every...
    Price: £6.30

  • The Shadow Man (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Shadow Man (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget psychological horror. The film follows Rachel Darwin (Sarah Jurgens) as she is plagued by night terrors and sinister visions of a shadowy man in a hat. When her cheating husband Scott (Nick Baillie) fails to acknowledge her troubles, Rachel...
    Price: £6.30

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