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  • Tulpa (2012) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Tulpa (2012) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Italian erotic horror. The film follows successful businesswoman Lisa Boeri (Claudia Gerini) as she discovers the private nightclub Tulpa, where dark erotic fantasies are promised to come true. However, she soon discovers her partners are falling prey...
    Price: £7.10

  • Persian Lessons (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Persian Lessons (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Inspired by true events, Persian Lessons is a powerful and harrowing story of survival from director Vadim Perelman (House of Sand and Fog) anchored by exceptional performances. Nazi-occupied France, 1942. Gilles (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Beats per...
    Price: £11.09

  • The Lodger (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Lodger (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    20 years after her husband's death, Elizabeth keeps more than just his memory alive. She takes in a student lodger (Julie) in exchange for help with her daily chores. There is one condition though; she must act as though the woman's dead husband is still...
    Price: £8.99

  • Falbalas (1945) (Restored) [DVD] [DVD / Restored]

    Falbalas (1945) (Restored) [DVD] [DVD / Restored]

    This brand-new restoration of the scandalous 1945 drama Falbalas by Jacques Becker (Touchez Pas Au Grisbi, Le Trou, Casque D'Or) stars Raymond Rouleau, Micheline Presle and Jean Chevrier and is set in the glamorous world of fashion in Paris. Micheline, a...
    Price: £12.99

  • New Order (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    New Order (2020) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    New Order is a gripping dystopian thriller from acclaimed writer-director Michel Franco (Chronic, After Lucia). Set in contemporary Mexico City, it follows the dramatic events that unfurl after a lavish high society wedding is interrupted by a violent...
    Price: £12.99

  • New Order (2020) (Normal) [Blu-ray] [Blu-ray / Normal]

    New Order (2020) (Normal) [Blu-ray] [Blu-ray / Normal]

    New Order is a gripping dystopian thriller from acclaimed writer-director Michel Franco (Chronic, After Lucia). Set in contemporary Mexico City, it follows the dramatic events that unfurl after a lavish high society wedding is interrupted by a violent...
    Price: £15.99

  • Boy (2010) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Boy (2010) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Taika Waititi writes, directs and stars in this New Zealand comedy drama. Set in 1984, the film follows the eponymous eleven-year-old Boy (James Rolleston), a Michael Jackson fanatic, who lives on a farm with his gran and little brother Rocky (Te Aho...
    Price: £7.90

  • Le Havre (2011) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Le Havre (2011) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Finnish filmmaker Aki Kaurismäki directs this comedy drama depicting the friendship between an illegal child immigrant and an elderly Frenchman. Marcel Marx (André Wilms) is an ageing shoe shiner living in the French port city of Le Havre with his...
    Price: £9.49

  • The Piano Teacher (2001) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Piano Teacher (2001) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Isabelle Huppert gives an award-winning performance as a repressed, masochistic music teacher in this acclaimed film from director Michael Haneke. Erika Kohut (Huppert) teaches piano at the Vienna Conservatory, lives with her domineering mother (Annie...
    Price: £9.49

  • Elle L'adore (2014) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Elle L'adore (2014) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Sandrine Kiberlain and Laurent Lafitte star in this French comedy about a woman obsessed with a pop star. Muriel Bayen (Kiberlain), a chatty, divorced beautician who enjoys inventing stories, has been a devoted fan to singer Vincent Lacroix (Lafitte) for...
    Price: £8.70

  • Che: Part Two (2008) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Che: Part Two (2008) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Second instalment of Soderbergh's two-part 'Che' epic, a political drama based on the memoirs of Che Guevara starring Benicio del Toro as the iconic revolutionary. Having helped to overthrow the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, Guevara now...
    Price: £7.10

  • Jauja (2014) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Jauja (2014) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Viggo Mortensen stars in this Western drama directed and co-written by Lisandro Alonso. Set during the Conquest of the Desert, the story follows Gunnar Dinesen (Mortensen), a Danish engineer for the Argentine Army who is sent to survey the land,...
    Price: £12.68

  • Aferim! (2015) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Aferim! (2015) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Radu Jude directs and co-writes this drama set in 19th-century Wallachia, Romania. The story follows police officer Costandin (Teodor Corban), who, at the request of nobleman Iordache (Alexandru Dabija), goes in search of his Gypsy slave Carfin (Toma...
    Price: £11.09

  • Irreplaceable (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Irreplaceable (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    French drama co-written and directed by Thomas Lilti. When dedicated countryside doctor Jean-Pierre Werner (François Cluzet) finds out he is suffering from a serious illness, a young replacement named Nathalie (Marianne Denicourt) is sent from the city...
    Price: £12.68

  • Wolf (2013) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Wolf (2013) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Dutch crime drama. In a suburb of Utrecht, promising young kick-boxer Majid (Marwan Kenzari) is gaining increasing amounts of attention for his endeavours in and out of the ring. Despite his troubled upbringing, Majid tries to turn his life around...
    Price: £9.49

  • Potiche (2010) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Potiche (2010) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    French comedy starring Catherine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu. Suzanne (Deneuve) is the trophy wife of ruthless umbrella tycoon Robert Pujol (Fabrice Luchini). When Robert's workers go on strike and take him hostage, Suzanne takes over the running of the...
    Price: £9.49

  • Julia's Eyes (2010) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Julia's Eyes (2010) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Guillem Morales directs this Spanish horror/thriller. Belen Rueda stars as Julia, who is left bereft when her blind twin sister Sara (also played by Rueda) dies in mysterious circumstances. As Julia probes into the mystery surrounding her sister's death,...
    Price: £6.30

  • The Antichrist (1974) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Antichrist (1974) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Low-budget 1970s Italian occult horror. Carlo Gravina stars as Hipolita, a paralysed and mentally disturbed young woman who becomes possessed by the spirit of a witch and goes on a murderous rampage. The family housekeeper Irene (Alida Valli) enlists the...
    Price: £9.49

  • Historias Minimas (2002) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Historias Minimas (2002) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The tale of three individuals from small-town communities who find themselves travelling to the city of San Julian in pursuit of various goals. Don Justo, who has recently retired, hears that his dog was spotted in the city - the dog went missing several...
    Price: £9.49

  • The Cut (2014) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    The Cut (2014) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Drama following a man as he searches for the children he thought he had lost. In 1915 during the Armenian Genocide Nazaret Manoogian (Tahar Rahim) is deported from Mardin, Turkey. He manages to survive the massacres but loses his family and his faith in...
    Price: £8.70

  • Meteora (2012) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Meteora (2012) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Romantic drama set in Greece following the story of a forbidden love. After exchanging only a few words, Greek monk Theodoros (Theo Alexander) and Russian nun Urania (Tamila Koulieva) develop feelings for one another. As their affection grows stronger,...
    Price: £8.70

  • Ilo Ilo (2013) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Ilo Ilo (2013) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Film-maker Anthony Chen makes his feature debut with this drama about a family and their maid. During the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, Filipino maid Teresa (Angeli Bayani) arrives in Singapore to work for the Lim family - couple Teck (Tian Wen Chen)...
    Price: £12.68

  • Les Hommes Du Feu (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Les Hommes Du Feu (2017) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Roschdy Zem and Émilie Dequenne star in this French drama written and directed by Pierre Jolivet. The film follows Bénédicte Meursault (Dequenne), a female firefighter who joins a small fire house in southern France. After being welcomed by the...
    Price: £9.49

  • Kika (1994) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Kika (1994) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Spanish black comedy written and directed by Pedro Almodóvar. The film follows young make-up artist Kika (Veronica Forque) as she starts a relationship with the stepson of a philandering American writer living in Madrid. After being called to the...
    Price: £9.49

  • A War (2015) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    A War (2015) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Tobias Lindholm writes and directs this Danish war drama starring Pilou Asbæk. Commander Claus Michael Pedersen (Asbæk) is at war in Afghanistan while his wife Maria (Tuva Novotny) is looking after their three children who are all desparate for Claus...
    Price: £7.10

  • Chocolat (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Chocolat (2016) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    French drama co-written and directed by Roschdy Zem. The film follows former slave Rafael Padilla (Omar Sy) as he unexpectedly becomes one of the most famous circus stars of the Belle Époque era in France. After performing as a clown in small country...
    Price: £12.68

  • En Équilibre (2015) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    En Équilibre (2015) (Normal) [DVD] [DVD / Normal]

    Denis Dercourt writes and directs this French drama starring Albert Dupontel and Cécile De France. Former horse stuntman Marc Guermont (Dupontel) has been left paralysed and wheel-chair bound following an accident on a movie set. He struggles to make...
    Price: £9.49

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