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  • The Garden of Torment (1976) (Normal) [Blu-ray]

    The Garden of Torment (1976) (Normal) [Blu-ray]

    Erotic drama directed by Christian Gion and an adaptation of the Octave Mirbeau novel. Following professional misconduct young Parisian doctor Antoine Durrieu (Roger Van Hool) takes a hiatus and travels to China. On his way he becomes spellbound by...
    Price: £22.16

  • Interior. Leather Bar (2013) (Normal) [DVD]

    Interior. Leather Bar (2013) (Normal) [DVD]

    Provocative documentary directed by James Franco and Travis Mathews. Through recreating the 40 minutes of footage supposedly cut from the 1980 film 'Cruising' starring Al Pacino and directed by William Friedkin, Franco and Mathews aim to subvert cultural...
    Price: £7.20

  • Playboy: Cinema Collection (Normal) [DVD]

    Playboy: Cinema Collection (Normal) [DVD]

    Five volume set of erotic stories from the Playboy corporation, designed to get you hot under the collar. The titles comprise: 'Black Venus', 'Christina', 'Ecstasy', 'Frank And I' and 'Love Circles'.
    Price: £18.99

  • Christina (2006) (Normal) [DVD]

    Christina (2006) (Normal) [DVD]

    She's rich, she's sexy, she's a jetsetter and she's out to have fun. Wild affairs and sexual exploits begin in Paris - and despite the fact that Christina (Jewel Shepard) is pursued and captured by female terrorists, she manages to enjoy many sexual...
    Price: £8.06

  • Games of Desire (Normal) [DVD]

    Games of Desire (Normal) [DVD]

    Frustrated by her husband's impotency, Florentine becomes entangled in a series of passionate affairs, during the course of which she encounters Dorothy. It transpires that Dorothy is an accomplice of her husband, who finds sexual satisfaction by...
    Price: £8.99

  • Scent of Passion (1990) (Normal) [DVD]

    Scent of Passion (1990) (Normal) [DVD]

    Jeff, a young choreographer, becomes dissatisfied with his lover, Celeste, and searches the streets for the perfect replacement. He finds Violette, a young and insecure woman, whom he proceeds to mould into an ideal object of desire. He then unleashes...
    Price: £8.06

  • Gwendoline (1984) (Normal) [Blu-ray]

    Gwendoline (1984) (Normal) [Blu-ray]

    Just Jaeckin writes and directs this adult adventure fantasy in which explorer Gwendoline (Tawny Kitaen) heads for China to capture a rare butterfly but is abducted in the process. She is saved by adventurer Willard (Brent Huff) who takes her on a...
    Price: £22.16

  • Naughty (Normal) [DVD]

    Naughty (Normal) [DVD]

    A report on the booming pornographic and erotic scene in 1970s Europe, making smutty re-enactments of sexual customs past and present, graphically covering all areas of lust and debauchery.
    Price: £7.99

  • Wife Swappers (Normal) [DVD]

    Wife Swappers (Normal) [DVD]

    Saucy British sex comedy from 1970. Very much of it's time, this film combines old-fashioned laddish humour with softcore smut. Features Valerie St. John who later became a Benny Hill Show regular.
    Price: £7.99

  • Groupie Girl (Normal) [DVD]

    Groupie Girl (Normal) [DVD]

    This compilation of classic, British-made erotica is packed with sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll. Following the sordid sexploits of young music fan Sally, it delves deep into the steamy, seamy world of pop music.
    Price: £7.99

  • Harry the Horny Hypnotist (Normal) [DVD]

    Harry the Horny Hypnotist (Normal) [DVD]

    Live from his recent sell-out tour, Harry the Horny Hypnotist displays his skills in making the audience act out their deepest hidden fantasies by using his hypnotic skills. Some of the activities can be quite shocking and explicit.
    Price: £7.99

  • Emmanuelle's Sweet Revenge (Normal) [DVD]

    Emmanuelle's Sweet Revenge (Normal) [DVD]

    The erotic franchise continues, as Emmanuelle's lust for the finer things in life leads her into dangerous territory. When she meets and eventually marries a wealthy businessman, Emmanuelle soon realises she's made a mistake when her husband's demands...
    Price: £7.99

  • The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (Normal) [DVD]

    The Erotic Adventures of Zorro (Normal) [DVD]

    Softcore comedy adventure, based on the classic tale of the lone swordsman. When he hears that the population of Los Angeles has fallen prey to the evil despot Luis Bonasario (Jude Farese), the greatest swordsman in Spain, Don Diego de Vega (Douglas...
    Price: £7.99

  • The Naughty Stewardesses (Normal) [DVD]

    The Naughty Stewardesses (Normal) [DVD]

    Erotic comedy following the lives, loves and shenanigans of four beautiful flight attendants, Jane (Sydney Jordan), Barbara (Tracy King), Margie (Donna Desmond) and Debbie (Connie Hoffman).
    Price: £7.99

  • Emmanuelle in Soho (1981) (Normal) [DVD]

    Emmanuelle in Soho (1981) (Normal) [DVD]

    Seventies soft porn from Britain as a host of men and women get decidedly naked in London's famous red light district. The story, such as it is, follows the sexual adventures of a photographer and his publisher as they move around the dark streets in...
    Price: £14.81

  • The Saucy Cinema Collection (Normal) [DVD]

    The Saucy Cinema Collection (Normal) [DVD]

    Collection of six erotic adult feature films. In 'Buford's Beach Bunnies' (1992) a million dollar reward is offered to any woman who can seduce a shy, inexperienced heir. In 'The Erotic Adventures of the Three Musketeers' (1993), a woman joins the ranks...
    Price: £12.99

  • Permissive (1972) (with Blu-ray - Double Play) [DVD]

    Permissive (1972) (with Blu-ray - Double Play) [DVD]

    Bad girls don't come to London they're made in London - at least that's what happened in the swinging sixties, according to this film. Maggie Stride plays the young country girl who is led astray by the wild bearded hippies in a mega rock group, 'Forever...
    Price: £15.99

  • Emmanuelle 5 (1987) (Normal) [DVD]

    Emmanuelle 5 (1987) (Normal) [DVD]

    Emmanuelle (Monique Gabrielle) is in a Far East island to promote her new film 'Love Express'. Its ruler, Rajid, is bewitched by her beauty and determines to make her queen of his harem, by any means necessary. Emmanuelle's lover, Charles Foster, flies...
    Price: £8.70

  • Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976) (Normal) [DVD]

    Emanuelle in Bangkok (1976) (Normal) [DVD]

    Italian softcore drama. Laura Gemser stars as the seductive photographer, Emanuelle, whose latest assignment takes her to Bangkok. After her passport is stolen and she is raped by a brutal gang, Emanuelle begins to rove the underground clubs and markets...
    Price: £11.09

  • Black Emanuelle (Normal) [DVD]

    Black Emanuelle (Normal) [DVD]

    Laura Gemser stars as Emanuelle in this 1970s Italian sex film directed by Albert Thomas. Emanuelle is a young American photographer who has been sent on an assignment to Africa. There she enjoys a multitude of sexual partners, until the climax when she...
    Price: £11.99

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