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  • The effect [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Lucy Prebble

    The effect [BOOK] [Paperback]

    I can tell the difference between who I am and a side effect. The Effect is a clinical romance. Two young volunteers, Tristan and Connie, agree to take part in a clinical drug trial. Succumbing to the gravitational pull of attraction and...
    MSRP: £10.99
    Price: £9.09

  • Trilogy of resistance [BOOK] [PAPERBACK]
    Antonio Negri

    Trilogy of resistance [BOOK] [PAPERBACK]

    With Trilogy of Resistance , the political philosopher Antonio Negri extends his intervention in contemporary politics and culture into a new medium: drama. The three plays collected for the first time in this volume dramatize the central concepts of the...
    MSRP: £19.99
    Price: £14.49

  • The Spanish tragedy [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Thomas Kyd

    The Spanish tragedy [BOOK] [Paperback]

    The "revenge" play became the most durable and commercially successful type of drama on the Elizabethan stage. This example by Thomas Kyd, who was one of the originators of the genre, brings to life the intrigues of the Spanish court, dramatically...
    MSRP: £6.99
    Price: £6.69

  • The birthday party [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Harold Pinter

    The birthday party [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Stanley Webber is visited in his boarding house by strangers, Goldberg and McCann. An innocent-seeming birthday party for Stanley turns into a nightmare.The Birthday Party was first performed in 1958 and is now a modern classic, produced and studied...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Love's labour's lost (New edition) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    William Shakespeare

    Love's labour's lost (New edition) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Oxford School Shakespeare is an acclaimed edition especially designed for students, with accessible on-page notes and explanatory illustrations, clear background information, and rigorous but accessible scholarly credentials. Love's Labour's Lost...
    MSRP: £7.50
    Price: £7.00

  • Incident at Vichy [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Arthur Miller

    Incident at Vichy [BOOK] [Paperback]

    In Vichy France, 1942, a group of men sit outside an office, waiting to be interviewed. The reason they have been pulled off the street and taken there is obvious enough. They are, for the most part, Jews. But how serious an offence this is, and how...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Little baby Jesus [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Arinze Kene

    Little baby Jesus [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Two plays, both set in contemporary inner-city London, showcasing the remarkable poetic and theatrical imagination of writer/performer Arinzé Kene. Little Baby Jesus is a lyrical triptych of three intertwining, colliding monologues about...
    MSRP: £12.99
    Price: £10.29

  • Foxfinder [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Dawn King

    Foxfinder [BOOK] [Paperback]

    England is in crisis. Fields are flooded, food is scarce and fear grips the land. William Bloor, a foxfinder, arrives at Judith and Samuel Covey's farm to investigate a suspected fox infestation. The Coveys' harvest has failed to meet...
    MSRP: £10.99
    Price: £9.09

  • CripTales [BOOK] [Paperback]

    CripTales [BOOK] [Paperback]

    From the liberation of the electric wheelchair to the ignominy of discrimination and incarceration, there have been both great advances and terrible setbacks for disabled people in Britain over the last fifty years. Hard-hitting and hilarious,...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Glee & me [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Stuart Slade

    Glee & me [BOOK] [Paperback]

    A touching drama about a teenage girl diagnosed with a brain tumour, an unexpectedly optimistic portrayal of love and the extraordinary resilience of the human spirit.
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Elephants [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Rose Heiney

    Elephants [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Rose Heiney's debut play Elephants is a sharp black comedy with a tender heart that explores the paths we take in life and their repercussions on the people we love most. 5.53 p.m. Christmas Eve. Richard and Sally are waiting for their...
    MSRP: £11.99
    Price: £9.69

  • Othello [BOOK] [Paperback]
    William Shakespeare

    Othello [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Towering tragedy tells the story of a Moorish general who earns the enmity of his ensign Iago when he passes him over for a promotion. Masterly portrait of an archvillain. Explanatory footnotes.
    Price: £3.69

  • How to Defend Yourself [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Liliana Padilla

    How to Defend Yourself [BOOK] [Paperback]

    A Yale Drama Series-winning play about self-defense, desire, and healing in the aftermath of a college rape Seven college students gather for a DIY self-defense workshop after a sorority sister is raped. They practice using their bodies as weapons. They...
    MSRP: £18.99
    Price: £13.89

  • 946 : The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Michael Morpurgo

    946 : The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Imagine being told to leave your home... Imagine American soldiers occupying your house and land... Imagine being 12 and angry, with only a cat to tell your secrets to...Based on Michael Morpurgo's The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips, this play explodes...
    MSRP: £11.99
    Price: £9.69

  • Faust [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Faust [BOOK] [Hardback]

    This sumptuous edition features Bayard Taylor's excellent translation, acclaimed for its truth to the meter of the original German verse. Nearly 30 illustrations by Harry Clarke, eight of them in full colour, enhance the text. Created in the early...
    MSRP: £30.99
    Price: £21.09

  • A raisin in the sun [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Lorraine Hansberry

    A raisin in the sun [BOOK] [Paperback]

    An African-American family is united in love and pride as they struggle to overcome poverty and harsh living conditions, in the award-winning 1959 play about an embattled Chicago family.
    MSRP: £7.95
    Price: £7.27

  • The designated mourner [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Wallace Shawn

    The designated mourner [BOOK] [Paperback]

    A daughter is tied to her brilliant father by a passionate bond. The Designated Mourner is a harsh and poetic play about the pursuit of beauty in brutal times.The Designated Mourner premiered at the National Theatre, London, in April 1996.
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • The school for scandal [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Richard Brinsley Sheridan

    The school for scandal [BOOK] [Paperback]

    A theater classic, often called the best comedy of manners in English, is a delightful play that brilliantly skewers the affectation and pretentiousness of aristocratic Londoners of the 1770s.
    Price: £3.69

  • Ten plays [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

    Ten plays [BOOK] [Paperback]

    The Sea Gull, Uncle Vanya, The Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard, and Ivanov, plus 5 one-act comedies: The Anniversary, An Unwilling Martyr, The Wedding, The Bear, and The Proposal.
    MSRP: £7.49
    Price: £6.99

  • Suppliant women [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Suppliant women [BOOK] [Hardback]

    One of antiquity's greatest poets, Euripides (ca. 485-406 BCE) has been prized in every age for the pathos, terror, surprising plot twists, and intellectual probing of his dramatic creations. Here, in the third volume of a new edition that is receiving...
    MSRP: £19.95
    Price: £14.47

  • Twelfth night [BOOK] [Paperback]
    William Shakespeare

    Twelfth night [BOOK] [Paperback]

    This legendary Shakespeare series features authoritative and meticulously researched texts paired with scholarship by renowned Shakespeareans. Updated for the 21st century by editors Stephen Orgel of Stanford University and A. R. Braunmuller of UCLA,...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • Is God is [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Aleshea Harris

    Is God is [BOOK] [Paperback]

    'We ain't killers' 'How you figure that?… Iss in the blood.' When a letter arrives from the mother they thought was dead, twenty-one-year-old twins Racine and Anaia travel from the Dirty South to the California...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Plays three (Main) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Martin Crimp

    Plays three (Main) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Cruel and Tender'A mordantly knowing modernisation of Sophocles's Trachiniae... The approach here manages to be at once lethally level and capable of surges of anguished feeling... Highly recommended.' IndependentFewer Emergencies'A...
    MSRP: £18.99
    Price: £13.89

  • The seagull [BOOK] [Paperback]
    John Donnelly

    The seagull [BOOK] [Paperback]

    - Idea for a story. A beautiful young girl lives by a lake all her life. She loves this lake. She's happy and free, like that bird was once. Then a man comes along and for no reason at all... what do you think he does?- He destroys her.A story about...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • The Habit of Art [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Alan Bennett

    The Habit of Art [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Auden often said that metre and rhyme led him down unexpected paths to thoughts he wouldn't otherwise have had, and in this respect versification and fornication are not so different. Benjamin Britten, sailing uncomfortably close to the wind with his...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Notes to future self [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Lucy Caldwell

    Notes to future self [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Sophie and Calliope have never been to school. Their mum ran away from home when she was seventeen to join the New Age movement and the girls were raised in a series of ashrams, communes and impromptu raves.When Sophie gets ill, they return to Birmingham...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler (New Edition) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Brian Friel

    Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler (New Edition) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Hedda Gabler returns, dissatisfied, from a long honeymoon. Bored by her aspiring academic husband, she foresees a life of tedious convention. And so, aided and abetted by her predatory confidante, Judge Brack, she begins to manipulate the fates of those...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • The green hollow [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Owen Sheers

    The green hollow [BOOK] [Paperback]

    In 1966 a coal slag heap collapsed on a school in south Wales, killing 144 people, most of them children. Poet Owen Sheers has given voice to those who still live in Aberfan, the pit village in which tragedy struck, and uses their collective memories to...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • Collected plays. Volume three [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Brian Friel

    Collected plays. Volume three [BOOK] [Paperback]

    This third collection of Brian Friel's work contains:Three Sisters (Chekhov) (1981)The Communication Cord (1982) Fathers and Sons (Turgenev) (1987) Making History (1988) Dancing at Lughnasa (1990)Author Bio:Brian Friel was born in County Tyrone in...
    MSRP: £19.99
    Price: £14.49

  • Linda [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Penelope Skinner

    Linda [BOOK] [Paperback]

    I'm an award-winning business woman. I'm happily married with two beautiful daughters and I still fit in the same size-ten dress suit I did fifteen years ago. What could possibly threaten me?Linda Wilde has dedicated her life to changing the...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Moira Buffini [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Aly is struggling with all the pressures of being a teenager: family, school, friends and her own insecurities. Then she discovers - a mysterious online world where, perhaps, she can create a whole new life. The web becomes her looking-glass...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Death of a salesman [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Arthur Miller

    Death of a salesman [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Arthur Miller's extraordinary masterpiece, Death of a Salesman changed the course of modern theatre, and has lost none of its power as an examination of American life. 'A man is not an orange. You can't eat the fruit and throw the peel...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • A Couple of Soles [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Jing Shen

    A Couple of Soles [BOOK] [Paperback]

    A Couple of Soles is a classic comedic romance by the seventeenth-century playwright Li Yu. Tan Chuyu, a poor young scholar, falls in love with the beautiful actress Liu Miaogu. He joins her family's acting troupe, and, in plays within the play, romance...
    MSRP: £20.00
    Price: £14.50

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