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  • Oscar Wilde's wit and wisdom [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde's wit and wisdom [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Epigrams, aphorisms, and other bon mots gathered from the celebrated wit's plays, essays, and conversation offer an entertaining selection of observations both comic and profound. Organized by category, the nearly 400 quotes range in subject from...
    Price: £3.69

  • Birds [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Jaqueline Mitchell

    Birds [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Thomas Hardy notes the thrush's 'full-hearted evensong of joy illimited', Gilbert White observes how swallows sweep through the air but swifts 'dash round in circles' and Rachel Carson watches sanderlings at the ocean's edge, scurrying 'across the beach...
    MSRP: £16.99
    Price: £12.69

  • Victorian Epic Burlesques [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Victorian Epic Burlesques [BOOK] [Paperback]

    This anthology presents annotated scripts of four major burlesques by key playwrights: Melodrama Mad! or, the Siege of Troy by Thomas John Dibdin (1819); Telemachus; or, the Island of Calypso by J.R. Planché (1834); The Iliad; or, the Siege of Troy...
    MSRP: £28.99
    Price: £19.89

  • Justice League, the new 52 omnibus [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Geoff Johns

    Justice League, the new 52 omnibus [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Witness legendary duo Geoff Johns and Jim Lee on their all-new Justice League origin story! Collecting their entire run along with supplemental origin stories of the entire Justice League, this omnibus is a must have for any collector.
    MSRP: £100.00
    Price: £62.50

  • Conversations with Michael Crichton [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Robert Golla

    Conversations with Michael Crichton [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Brings together decades of interviews and profiles with one of the world's most successful authors. Michael Crichton (1942-2008) had many careers - doctor, novelist, film director, screenwriter - but was best known to millions of readers as "Father...
    MSRP: £24.95
    Price: £17.47

  • Justice League of America Volume 3 [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Gerry Conway

    Justice League of America Volume 3 [BOOK] [Hardback]

    The 1970s adventures of the World's Greatest Heroes continue as the Justice League of America meets fellow heroes including the Justice Society of America, the Legion of Super-Heroes, and a team of heroes from the long-gone past.
    MSRP: £100.00
    Price: £62.50

  • Talking about lobsters [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Gerry Cambridge

    Talking about lobsters [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Talking About Lobsters: New Writing Scotland 34 is a collection of excellent contemporary literature, drawn from a wide cross-section of Scottish culture and society, and includes new work from more than fifty authors - some award-winning and...
    MSRP: £9.95
    Price: £8.47

  • Medieval Irish Lyrics [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Barbara Hughes Fowler

    Medieval Irish Lyrics [BOOK] [Paperback]

    This anthology offers modern readers translations of the lyric poetry transcribed or composed by mediaeval Irish monks. The 35 lyrics were composed between 800 and 1200 CE, all of them anonymously, although some are attributed to legendary or historical...
    MSRP: £14.99
    Price: £11.49

  • Hard rock (New edition) [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Ian Parnell

    Hard rock (New edition) [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Hard Rock is the best of British rock climbing.Featuring over fifty crags and sixty-nine routes in England, Scotland and Wales, it epitomises all that is great about traditional climbing in Great Britain.Ken Wilson's first edition of Hard Rock was...
    MSRP: £39.95
    Price: £26.47

  • Verge 2017 [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Bonnie Reid

    Verge 2017 [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Chimera is something desired but always out of reach. The faceless figures of dreams, the disappearing fountain of an unrelenting desert: for those willing to make the journey, chimera exists as hope unrealised. The thirteenth edition of Monash...
    MSRP: £15.99
    Price: £12.09

  • O's little book of happiness [BOOK] [Hardback]

    O's little book of happiness [BOOK] [Hardback]

    With a sprightly dose of insightful inspiration, a sprinkling of practical advice, and a bounty of exuberant stories by great writers, 'O's Little Book of Happiness' features some of the best work ever to have appeared in O, The Oprah Magazine.
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Herencia [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Nicolás Kanellos

    Herencia [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Herencia (meaning "inheritance" or "heritage") is the first anthology to bring together literature from the entire history of Hispanic writing in the United States, from the age of exploration to the present. The product of a ten-year project involving...
    MSRP: £24.99
    Price: £17.49

  • Speeches of note [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Shaun Usher

    Speeches of note [BOOK] [Hardback]

    ______________________A richly illustrated and wonderfully eclectic collection of THE WORLD'S GREATEST SPEECHES - THE OLD, THE NEW AND THE UNSPOKEN - from the author of the international bestseller, Letters of Note. Discover speeches that altered the...
    MSRP: £25.00
    Price: £17.50

  • Panthers, Hulks and Ironhearts (1) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Jeffrey A. Brown

    Panthers, Hulks and Ironhearts (1) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Marvel is one of the hottest media companies in the world right now, and its beloved superheroes are all over film, television and comic books. Yet rather than simply cashing in on the popularity of iconic white male characters like Peter Parker, Tony...
    MSRP: £23.95
    Price: £16.87

  • The Adventure of the Speckled Band [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Sherlock Holmes is the brilliant detective who, with the help of his friend, Dr. Watson analyze, and solve each mystery Holmes is asked to consult on. As Holmes is noted for saying, "It's elementary my dear Watson!" As he reduces the clues, coming to the...
    MSRP: £6.99
    Price: £6.69

  • A string of pearls [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Margaret Wilson

    A string of pearls [BOOK] [Hardback]

    From famous poets such as Wordsworth and Ian McEwan to modern thriller writers such as Reginald Hill and Val McDermid, the awe-inspiring Fells, crashing waterfalls and dramatic still waters of the Lake District have inspired writers for centuries...
    MSRP: £20.00
    Price: £14.50

  • Nearest Earthly place to paradise [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Margaret Wilson

    Nearest Earthly place to paradise [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Shropshire has inspired many writers over the centuries: its bucolic rolling fields and meadows, its dramatic wild hills and moors, its traditional market towns, its patchwork of copses and hedgerows, its bleak and beautiful mountains...
    MSRP: £20.00
    Price: £14.50

  • Voices (Short stories) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Patricia Scanlan

    Voices (Short stories) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    The Open Door anthology brings together a collection of short stories by some of Ireland's greatest writers, all of which are written and crafted specifically for the emerging adult reader.  Featuring writing from Graham Norton,...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • Miscellany 50 [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Clíodhna Ní Anluain

    Miscellany 50 [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Beginning in 1968, fifty-five personal essays and poems reveal the power of Ireland's finest writers to delve into the details of Irish life with warmth, sincerity and wit. Here, side by side, are stories around the first moon landing, the eruption of...
    MSRP: £15.99
    Price: £12.09

  • The essential tales of Chekhov [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

    The essential tales of Chekhov [BOOK] [Paperback]

    In this extraordinary collection of twenty tales, Richard Ford, a master short-story writer in his own right, has selected his personal favourites from among more than two hundred of Chekhov's tales and novellas. Included are the familiar...
    MSRP: £10.99
    Price: £9.09

  • Of Gods and men [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Daisy Dunn

    Of Gods and men [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Daisy Dunn offers a deeply researched collection of stories reflecting the eclectic richness and depth of the classical literary canon. Striking a balance between the 'classic classic' (such as Dryden's translation of the Aeneid) and the less...
    MSRP: £25.00
    Price: £17.50

  • More letters of note (Main) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Shaun Usher

    More letters of note (Main) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    FOLLOW-UP TO THE PHENOMENAL INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLERINCLUDING LETTERS FROM:Jane Austen, Richard Burton, Helen Keller, Alan Turing, Albus Dumbledore, Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry James, Sylvia Plath, John Lennon, Gerald Durrell, Janis Joplin, Mozart, Janis...
    MSRP: £25.00
    Price: £17.50

  • Letters of note (Main) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Shaun Usher

    Letters of note (Main) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Letters of Note is a collection of over one hundred of the world's most entertaining, inspiring and unusual letters, based on the seismically popular website of the same name - an online museum of correspondence visited by over 70 million people...
    MSRP: £20.00
    Price: £14.50

  • More letters of note (Main) [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Shaun Usher

    More letters of note (Main) [BOOK] [Hardback]

    More Letters of Note is another rich and inspiring collection, which reminds us that much of what matters in our lives finds its way into our letters.These letters deliver the same mix of the heartfelt, the historically significant, the tragic, the comic...
    MSRP: £30.00
    Price: £20.50

  • Chocolate and cuckoo clocks (Main) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Alan Coren

    Chocolate and cuckoo clocks (Main) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Edited by his children, Giles and Victoria, Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks is an anthology of humorous writing from the former editor of Punch and Radio 4 national treasure Alan Coren, who died in October 2007. In a prolific forty-year career Alan Coren...
    MSRP: £10.99
    Price: £9.09

  • Things you should know [BOOK] [Paperback]
    A. M. Homes

    Things you should know [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Things You Should Know is a collection of dazzling stories by one of the most talented and daring young American writers, whose distinctive narratives demonstrate how extraordinary the ordinary can be. A woman pursues an unconventional strategy for...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • The art of the glimpse (Short stories) [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Sinéad Gleeson

    The art of the glimpse (Short stories) [BOOK] [Hardback]

    The #1 Irish Times bestseller An anthology of the very best Irish short stories, selected by Sinéad Gleeson, author of Constellations. There have been many anthologies of the short story as it developed in Ireland, but never a collection like this...
    MSRP: £25.00
    Price: £17.50

  • Letters from lockdown [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Letters from lockdown [BOOK] [Hardback]

    A remarkable collection of 'Covid Chronicles' -- stories from lockdown sent in from listeners to BBC Radio 4 -- making a deeply moving people's history of the pandemic. On 23 March 2020, as the deadly virus spread around the world, the UK...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • That glimpse of truth (C format) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    David Miller

    That glimpse of truth (C format) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Profound, lyrical, shocking, wise: the short story is capable of almost anything. This collection of 100 of the finest stories ever written ranges from the essential to the unexpected, the traditional to the surreal. Wide in scope, both beautiful and...
    MSRP: £15.00
    Price: £11.50

  • Alone Together [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Jennifer Haupt

    Alone Together [BOOK] [Paperback]

    "Could there be a timelier gift to quarantined readers...?I doubt it." - The Washington Post "A heartening gathering of writers joining forces for community support." - Kirkus Reviews "Connects writers, readers, and booksellers in a wonderfully...
    MSRP: £15.99
    Price: £12.09

  • A private history of happiness [BOOK] [Paperback]
    George Myerson

    A private history of happiness [BOOK] [Paperback]

    From the bliss of lingering in a warm bed on a winter morning, to a bracing springtime walk by the seaside, A Private History of Happiness offers the reader a wealth of delightfully fresh perceptions of where and how happiness may be found. These 99...
    MSRP: £7.99
    Price: £7.29

  • Queer [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Frank Wynne

    Queer [BOOK] [Hardback]

    LGBTQ writing from ancient times to yesterday selected by award-winning translator Frank Wynne. Drawing together writing from Catullus to Sappho, from Arthur Rimbaud to Anne Lister and Armistead Maupin, translator Frank Wynne has collected eighty of the...
    MSRP: £25.00
    Price: £17.50

  • Stories of fatherhood [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Diana Secker Tesdell

    Stories of fatherhood [BOOK] [Hardback]

    This wide-ranging anthology pays tribute to fathers young and old. At one end of the spectrum, a touching story by Ann Packer tells of a man preparing for the wonder and terror of his first child's birth, and from Frank O'Connor's comes a hilarious tale...
    MSRP: £10.99
    Price: £9.09

  • Bedtime stories [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Bedtime stories [BOOK] [Hardback]

    As Scheherazade proved long ago, good stories make the best bedtime entertainment. The tales collected here represent the essence of the storyteller's art, with its ancient roots in fantastical legends and tales told around a fire. From the surreal...
    MSRP: £12.99
    Price: £10.29

  • Green Lantern (Graphic ed) [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Geoff Johns

    Green Lantern (Graphic ed) [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Created by comic book legends Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams, John Stewart changed both DC's fictional universe and the comics industry itself. Introduced as a substitute for Hal Jordan, DC's primary Green Lantern, John Stewart was DC's first Black...
    MSRP: £32.00
    Price: £21.70

  • DC through the 80s (Graphic ed) [BOOK] [Hardback]

    DC through the 80s (Graphic ed) [BOOK] [Hardback]

    The 1980s were a period of great achievement and transition for DC Comics, one that introduced some of DC's all-time bestselling titles including Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. For the first time, DC offers a retrospective of this monumental...
    MSRP: £40.00
    Price: £26.50

  • Orwell on truth [BOOK] [Hardback]
    George Orwell

    Orwell on truth [BOOK] [Hardback]

    A selection of George Orwell's prescient, clear-eyed and stimulating writing on the subjects of truth and lies. With an introduction by Alan Johnson.'Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four. If that is granted, all else...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • DC poster portfolio. Joëlle Jones [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Joëlle Jones

    DC poster portfolio. Joëlle Jones [BOOK] [Paperback]

    DC spotlights top cover artists with the Poster Portfolio series, now featuring Joëlle Jones! Printed on heavy card stock paper at a big 12 by 16 inches, the pages of the Poster Portfolio are easily pulled out and are suitable for framing...
    MSRP: £19.99
    Price: £14.49

  • Selected writings [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Alexander von Humboldt

    Selected writings [BOOK] [Hardback]

    Humboldt (1769-1859) was an intrepid explorer and the most famous scientist of his age. His life was packed with adventure and discovery, whether climbing volcanoes in the Andes, swimming with crocodiles, racing through anthrax-infected Siberia, or...
    MSRP: £15.00
    Price: £11.50

  • It's life as I see it [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Dan Nadel

    It's life as I see it [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Between the 1940s and 1980s, Chicago's Black press-from The Chicago Defender to the Negro Digest to self-published pamphlets-was home to some of the best cartoonists in America. Kept out of the pages of white-owned newspapers, Black cartoonists found...
    MSRP: £19.99
    Price: £14.49

  • Orwell on freedom [BOOK] [Hardback]
    George Orwell

    Orwell on freedom [BOOK] [Hardback]

    With an introduction by Kamila Shamsie'Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.'GEORGE ORWELL is one of the world's most famous writers and social commentators. Through his writing he exposed the...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • What's it like to be chased by a cassowary? [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Felicity Lewis

    What's it like to be chased by a cassowary? [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Ever wondered what happens to us as we die? Or how the Esky became an Aussie cultural icon? Or why we have leap years? Then look no further - and even if you haven't wondered, you'll want to find out. This anthology is a diverse collection of explainers...
    MSRP: £15.99
    Price: £12.09

  • Imagine a country [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Val McDermid

    Imagine a country [BOOK] [Hardback]

    The first step on the road to change is to imagine possibility.Imagine A Country offers visions of a new future from an astonishing array of Scottish voices, from comedians to economists, writers to musicians. Edited, curated and introduced by...
    MSRP: £12.00
    Price: £9.70

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