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  • Danny Brown and his daft dog (Reprint) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Brianóg Brady Dawson

    Danny Brown and his daft dog (Reprint) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Danny Brown is always up to mischief! Danny goes to the park with his grandparents, baby Susie and his dog, Keeno. It's a very cold day! Danny is not impressed that Keeno has nothing to keep him warm. Granny has warm socks. Baby Susie has a...
    MSRP: £6.50
    Price: £6.40

  • The thing is (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Christopher Potter

    The thing is (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    The Thing Is . . .A novel, a confession, a poem, an autofiction, a commonplace book, a prose poem.By turns serious and playful, profound and trivial, sad and joyful, The Thing Is is a shape-shifting narrative: one that starts out as written by an alien,...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • A hat full of sky (|Reprint) [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Terry Pratchett

    A hat full of sky (|Reprint) [BOOK] [Hardback]

    *The second book in the incredible Tiffany Aching series. Now in a brand-new gift edition, part of the Discworld Hardback Library.*'Fantastically inventive and humorous' The Sunday TimesSomething is coming after Tiffany. . .Tiffany Aching is...
    MSRP: £14.99
    Price: £11.49

  • Winter warriors [BOOK] [Paperback]
    David Gemmell

    Winter warriors [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Perfect for fans of Joe Abercrombie, Duncan M. Hamilton and Conn Iggulden, this heroic fantasy by the Sunday Times bestselling author David Gemmell is packed with old world magic, battles, ancient heroes and the terrifying forces of evil..."Gemmell is a...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Asterix the Gaul (Revised Edition) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Asterix the Gaul (Revised Edition) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    The year is 50BC, and all Gaul is occupied. Only one small village of indomitable Gauls still holds out against the invaders. But how much longer can Asterix, Obelix and their friends resist the mighty Roman legions of Julius Caesar? Anything is...
    MSRP: £7.99
    Price: £7.29

  • Atticus Claw settles a score [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Jennifer Gray

    Atticus Claw settles a score [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Book 2 in the much-loved Atticus Claw series: the hilarious and eagerly-awaited sequel to Atticus Claw Breaks the Law. Perfect for readers age 7+, children will love Atticus's second adventure which takes him from tea with the Queen to the dungeons...
    MSRP: £7.99
    Price: £7.29

  • The lonely wife (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Valerie Wood

    The lonely wife (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    A powerful story about a woman's struggle to claim what is rightfully hers, from the Sunday Times bestselling author Val Wood.1850: Beatrix Fawcett is just eighteen when her father tells her she is to marry a stranger. Hesitantly, but with little...
    MSRP: £6.99
    Price: £6.69

  • Dead gorgeous [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Malorie Blackman

    Dead gorgeous [BOOK] [Paperback]

    When the mysterious stranger shows up at Nova's parents' hotel, she thinks her luck has changed - until she realizes she's the only one who can see him.Liam explains he's been here a long time. And he can never leave, no matter how hard...
    MSRP: £6.99
    Price: £6.69

  • Remote control (Reprint) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Andy McNab

    Remote control (Reprint) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Tough, resourceful, ruthless - as an SAS trooper, Nick Stone was one of the best. Now he's back on the streets. After a botched mission, the Regiment no longer want his services. But British Intelligence does - as a deniable operator. It's the...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • An Amish harvest [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Beth Wiseman

    An Amish harvest [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Faith, hope, and love remain forever in season in this collection of four richly absorbing novellas set amidst the wonder of an Amish autumn.Under the Harvest Moon, by Beth WisemanWhen Naomi Dienner is suddenly widowed, she never expects to find love...
    MSRP: £7.99
    Price: £7.29

  • Monkey puzzle [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Julia Donaldson

    Monkey puzzle [BOOK] [Hardback]

    "I've lost my mum!"Where is Monkey's mummy? It's not too much fun being lost in the jungle, and little monkey wants his mum. A kindly butterfly is keen to help, but they don't seem to be having much luck and keep finding the wrong...
    MSRP: £12.99
    Price: £10.29

  • Find you first (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Linwood Barclay

    Find you first (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    One will change your life. One will end it.Who will … FIND YOU FIRST?'The best book of his career' STEPHEN KING'Insanely paced, wildly entertaining' JOE HILL'A full-throttle powerhouse of a thriller' T.M. LOGAN'Sharply drawn' SUNDAY TIMES'Keeps...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • Baby Bear, Baby Bear, what do you see? [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Bill Martin

    Baby Bear, Baby Bear, what do you see? [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Baby Bear meets all sorts of different animals until he finally finds what he is looking for - his mother. Told through Bill Martin's rhythmic text and Eric Carle's vibrant images, this is the fourth companion title to the much-loved classic...
    MSRP: £7.99
    Price: £7.29

  • Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear? [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Bill Martin

    Polar bear, polar bear, what do you hear? [BOOK] [Paperback]

    **Illustrated by the creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar**A paperback edition of this much-loved classic. A sequel to the bestselling Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, Bill Martin's playful story combining animals, colours and sounds, is...
    MSRP: £7.99
    Price: £7.29

  • A brush with death (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Fiona Leitch

    A brush with death (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Jodie 'Nosey' Parker is back!When a body turned up at her last catering gig it certainly put people off the hor d'oeuvres. So with a reputation to salvage, Jodie's determined that her next job for the village's festival will go without a hitch.But...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • The famished road (Reprint) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Ben Okri

    The famished road (Reprint) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Journey between the land of the Living and the spirit world in this magical Booker Prize-winning novel 'So long as we are alive, so long as we feel, so long as we love, everything in us is an energy we can use' Azaro, is a spirit child, who in...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • The boys omnibus. Volume 3 (Graphic ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Garth Ennis

    The boys omnibus. Volume 3 (Graphic ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Includes both volumes 5 & 6 of this acclaimed series in one volume. An evil so profound it threatens all mankind! The mightiest heroes on the planet uniting to defend us all! A secret crisis of such utter finality that a countdown to civil or...
    MSRP: £26.99
    Price: £18.69

  • Far from over [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Sheila O'Flanagan

    Far from over [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Sheila O'Flanagan's bestseller FAR FROM OVER is a captivating novel for anyone who ever wondered if they made the right decision about the man they used to love. Not to be missed by readers of Marian Keyes and Freya North. Gemma Garvey's marriage has...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • Supermarket sweep! (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Pip Jones

    Supermarket sweep! (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    From the funniest voice in young fiction today, the second in an irresistible series for young readers about imaginary friends in hilarious rhyming text and with adorable illustrations by Ella Okstad.Can you see him? My kitten? He has eyes big and...
    MSRP: £6.99
    Price: £6.69

  • The knives (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Richard Kelly

    The knives (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    As Home Secretary, David Blaylock oversees the police, border control and the struggle against domestic terrorism. Some say the job is impossible; Blaylock insists he is tough enough.Constantly in his mind is the threat of an attack on Britain's...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • The Hawthorne legacy (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Jennifer Barnes

    The Hawthorne legacy (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Intrigue, riches, and romance abound in this thrilling sequel to the New York Times bestselling The Inheritance Games perfect for fans of Karen McManus and Holly Jackson.The Inheritance Games ended with a bombshell, and now heiress Avery Grambs has to...
    MSRP: £7.99
    Price: £7.29

  • The solitary man [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Stephen Leather

    The solitary man [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Chris Hutchison is a man on the run.Imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, Hutch escapes from a British maximum-security prison and starts a new life in Hong Kong. But a ghost from his past catches up with him and gives him a choice: help a former...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Long summer day [BOOK] [Paperback]
    R. F. Delderfield

    Long summer day [BOOK] [Paperback]

    1902-1911 An age of innocence and hope. Before the storm clouds roll over Europe. As Paul Craddock recovers from his Boer War injuries, he starts to plan a new life. As soon as he is able he invests all he has in a remote but beautiful estate in Devon,...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • Rogue Trooper Volume 1 (Graphic ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Gerry Finley-Day

    Rogue Trooper Volume 1 (Graphic ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Nu-Earth, a planet ravaged by war, its atmosphere poisoned by chemical weapons. In this battle-scarred landscape, the Norts and the Southers fight where only the Genetic Infantrymen can survive unaided. Rogue is one such soldier and these are his tales.....
    MSRP: £16.99
    Price: £12.69

  • Judge Dredd 09 [BOOK] [Paperback]
    John Wagner

    Judge Dredd 09 [BOOK] [Paperback]

    The global best-selling graphic novel series - over half a million copies sold! Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files collects the adventures of the iconic British character, presented in chronological order, complete and uncut! He's judge, jury and...
    MSRP: £15.99
    Price: £12.09

  • I.D [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Martin Edwards

    I.D [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Featuring Peter Lovesey, Kate Ellis, Carla Banks, Martin Edwards, Bill Kirton, Mat Coward, Tonino Benacquista, Zoe Sharp, Edward D. Hoch, Robert Barnard, Paul A. Freeman, Michael Jecks, Frank Tallis, Natasha Cooper, Christine Poulson,...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • The nurse (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    J. A. Corrigan

    The nurse (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    When you hear her story, will you believe her?Rose Marlowe is a hard-working nurse, a loving wife, and a merciless killer. Or so she says. Despite her confession, it is hard to believe that this beautiful, kind woman could have killed her vulnerable...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • The gypsy goddess (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Meena Kandasamy

    The gypsy goddess (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    The provocative debut by the Women's Fiction Prize 2018-shortlisted author of When I Hit You. When women take to protest, there is no looking back. Sometimes it is over working conditions, other times, perhaps, a strike for higher wages...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • Pineapple Kisses in Iqaluit [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Felicia Mihali

    Pineapple Kisses in Iqaluit [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Ten years after her picture on a magazine cover made her nationally famous as The Darling of Kandahar, Irina moves up North hoping that new experiences would allow old wounds to finally heal. Yet, in the land of darkness and polar bears, she learns that...
    MSRP: £19.99
    Price: £14.49

  • Once upon a time in France [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Fabien Nury

    Once upon a time in France [BOOK] [Paperback]

    For some, he was a villain. For others, a hero. Based on a true story, Once Upon a Time in France follows the life of Joseph Joanovici, a Romanian Jew who immigrated to France in the 1920s and became one of the richest men in Europe as a scrap-metal...
    MSRP: £27.50
    Price: £19.00

  • The master and Margarita [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Mikhail Bulgakov

    The master and Margarita [BOOK] [Paperback]

    The acclaimed, bestselling translation of Mikhail Bulgakov's masterwork, an undisputed classic of Russian and world literature An audacious revision of the stories of Faust and Pontius Pilate, The Master and Margarita is recognized as one...
    MSRP: £11.99
    Price: £9.69

  • Rules for vanishing (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Kate Alice Marshall

    Rules for vanishing (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Do you want to play the game? Once a year, a road appears in the woods at midnight and the ghost of Lucy Gallows beckons, inviting those who are brave enough to play her game. If you win, you escape with your life. But if you lose... It's almost a year...
    MSRP: £7.99
    Price: £7.29

  • Maladapted (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Richard Kurti

    Maladapted (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    From BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Richard Kurti comes an exciting, fast-paced thriller that shows the power science has to change not just our lives, but our very selves.From BAFTA-nominated screenwriter Richard Kurti comes an exciting, fast-paced...
    MSRP: £7.99
    Price: £7.29

  • All our hidden gifts (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Caroline O'Donoghue

    All our hidden gifts (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    A dark and supernatural contemporary teen debut by multi-talented author and journalist Caroline O'Donoghue."So gripping, so intriguing, so layered - All Our Hidden Gifts feels like a book that should have always existed." Kiran Millwood Hargrave"A...
    MSRP: £7.99
    Price: £7.29

  • Death by water (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Kenzaburo Oe

    Death by water (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    LONGLISTED FOR THE 2016 MAN BOOKER INTERNATIONAL PRIZE An astonishing interweaving of myth, fantasy, history and autobiography, Kenzaburo Oe's Death by Water is the shimmering masterpiece of a Nobel Prize-winning author. For the...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • The ghost rifle (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Max McCoy

    The ghost rifle (Paperback original) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    SEARCHING FOR A GHOST, A LEGEND, AND A DREAM. Descended from a long line of ramblers and rogues, Jack Picaro came to America to seek his fortune. But after killing his best friend in a drunken duel, the apprentice gunsmith flees westward, leaving behind...
    MSRP: £6.99
    Price: £6.69

  • Piece of cake (Reprint) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Derek Robinson

    Piece of cake (Reprint) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    Author Bio:Derek Robinson¿s acclaimed First World War trilogy and Piece of Cake have established him as the world¿s best aviation writer and one of the top authors of war fiction.At first the pilots of Hornet Squadron lived as they flew - with...
    MSRP: £12.99
    Price: £10.29

  • Pop goes the weasel [BOOK] [Paperback]
    James Patterson

    Pop goes the weasel [BOOK] [Paperback]

    In POP GOES THE WEASEL, James Patterson has created a formidable villain every reader will see in the shadows when the lights are out, a tender love story, a plot powered by relentless suspense and psychological thrills kicked up to an all-time high...
    MSRP: £8.99
    Price: £7.89

  • An absolute scandal (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]
    Penny Vincenzi

    An absolute scandal (1st paperback ed) [BOOK] [Paperback]

    A searing portrait of wealthy living, and the highs - and lows - that come with it in a dazzling novel from Sunday Times bestselling author Penny Vincenzi. 'Buy on a Friday, get home, turn off the phone and emerge on Monday replete with a tale well...
    MSRP: £9.99
    Price: £8.49

  • We want what we want (First edition) [BOOK] [Hardback]
    Alix Ohlin

    We want what we want (First edition) [BOOK] [Hardback]

    An Esquire Best Book of Summer  A collection of glittering, surprising, darkly funny stories of people testing the boundaries of their lives-from the award-winning author of Dual Citizens, who is "spoken of in the same reverent breath ...
    MSRP: £25.95
    Price: £18.07

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